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7 hours ago, Hoddie said:

I like the fact that the following is being recognised as why football clubs are businesses but not in the same way as shops on the High Street or factories making widgets....

"The evidence has been clear that football clubs are not ordinary businesses," wrote Crouch. "They play a critical social, civic and cultural role in their local communities.

"They need to be protected - sometimes from their owners who are, after all, simply the current custodians of a community asset.

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It is a great start and some very interesting points raised in the article. I think the BBC guy Simon Stone had a good point in that you hope there will be some solutions garnered not just problems highlighted. Football is broken, not just the lower Leagues but even the Premier League is broken due to the insane amount of money obtained from just being a Premier League member. Let's hope it is the start of something real that does force some changes in the game. Many have felt for some time that football is perilously close to the edge. There simply needs to be a much better distribution of the money across the pyramid than there is now; clubs spend way above their means trying to get both in to the Premier League and even at our level, out of the NL and into the 'promised land' of League football. A more even distribution would alleviate a lot of these issues. Yes you would still get the likes of Salford spending big as they obviously have dreams of the Premier League but for others like Forest Green et al it may just lessen their financially aggressive actions. 

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