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  2. I have said the same thing, definitely prefer Clarke not to start, same for Allen as well ., just wondered about the stats as I had not seen any
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  4. AJS, I agree with your summary of where we are. I would be over the moon if we could get into the ply offs and then go all the way, but on the other hand I would not want to go up to the EFL and then crash and burn. We have seen this season what this squad is capable of, both the good the bad and the ugly. At present we don't appear to have the consistency required to function week in, week out, over a 46 game season. With some of the integral players such as Hyde on 2 year contracts, PW has the nucleus of a good squad which with further sound signings could become that consistent machine
  5. I wonder if they still have that old advertising flyer from the Blue Square Premier days hanging up in the entrance. Let me know if they do!
  6. Reading Wild's words I'm hoping for a big reaction on Saturday. Not quite sure how as without Chadwick and Earing, taking a lot of oace and adventure out of our attack, but he seems confident that they've had a good session together and will come out flying against both Dagenham and Redbridge. As the mood has been doom and gloom I predict we'll do well. Just as how when we're confident and talking about how easily we'll make the playoffs we go and lose. May the bungee jump of emotions continue to go twang.
  7. I'll be brutally honest and say should we make the playoffs, I don't think we will win them. We are too inconsistent to win 3 tough games on the bounce plus Wild's recent negative tactics have weakned us significantly. However, I feel it is very important we at least make them for a couple of reasons. The first reason being the obvious one of, you've got to be in it to win it. The playoffs are such a lottery and anything can happen. You never know at that point. Form leading into them is ideal but knockout football produces some funny results. The second reason and more important one
  8. A fair assessment of the game Itman. Our season has had ups & downs (too many of the later). When we are on song we look world beaters but when we are not it looks like the players have just met. One thing has stood out for me all season, is our inability to cross a ball, whether that be from a run down the wing or a dead ball play. We have been lucky in previous years to have players with the skill to do this. Its a natural skill that this years players don't seem to posses.
  9. I will definitely be wearing my face mask when I go to the Skircoat bogs at half time!
  10. I had the pleasure of talking to George Mulhalls wife close to when we won Promotion in 98, she said he was a nervous wreck at home & couldn't unwind unless he was fully focused on the next match & talking tactics with his coaching staff. He couldn't sleep & she was worried for his health. This was a man who had a vast amount of experience, it is no surprise PW is struggling so early in his tenure. We need to cut him some slack & back him. If we finish in the top 10 this term, he will have surpassed most of our expectations & I would hope that he will see our weakness
  11. I thought we had a really good chance and we are still in it. True re relegation fodder but that might be what happens to Sutton in reverse - finished 14th last season and might win the title/get promoted this! Let’s hope we repeat their feat next season if so, if we don’t make it this time around. 2nd or 3rd time lucky 🍀...
  12. Getting us to the play offs twice would look good on his CV , Chris Wilder said to get out of this league you have to establish yourself as a good Conference/National club and kick on each season and eventually you will get up. That's harder to achieve than a one off freak season when everything clicks like in 98. I had high hopes that this season was a mixture of both , kicking on from last season which has happened,and a freak of a season away from home I can't remember a season with so many points picked up on the road . It's looking like another season in this league so on
  13. He's already succeeding Steve, if he leaves tomorrow he's done a very good job.
  14. Trouble is you try to please everyone & you end up pleasing no one. A simple concise interview covering the basic reasoning behind decisions would do & beyond that tell everyone to fek off I'm the manager ala Aspin.
  15. TBH when PW started his interviews I thought were quite good and honest but lately up to this week I thought he had been talking rubbish and watched a completely different game to everyone else (well apart from a few on here) I actually hope he succeeds but I am wavering of late.
  16. I understand why people consider Clarke's inclusion comprises our attacking ability & to a point agree, a mix & match depending on the opposition maybe would have been the way to go, just feel the point has been made far too many times now. It would be interesting to hear PW's take on the matter.
  17. Thank you all for your kind donations, the flag has been ordered today and will be unveiled for the Chesterfield game on the 29th May. As we have had more money donated than the estimate for the cost of the flag it will be donated to the fundraising effort.
  18. We are fast running out of players, heard Wild is going to raid his Panini Album
  19. Doubt interested parties will worry too much about a dodgy hamstring
  20. If we don’t make the play offs this season.It will be Pete Wild,s fault.He will be solely responsible.He has gone so negative it is unreal.3 games to go get the shackles off & have a go. Stop being obsessed with the opposition.Let’s start doing what we are good at again.
  21. Not got one, was just given a seat allocation (that needs upgrading) over the phone
  22. Can't remember, did the club actually hand out season ticket books this time? I don't remember getting them.....(old age is a terrible thing)
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