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  2. Surely we aren’t gonna spend a penny on that donkey.
  3. Let's be fair he left at the end of last season for a number of reasons, a) we needed someone who could score goals b) like most players he wanted to move nearer to where he lives. Even if we do have money to play with, everyone knows that TSS is not the answer to our problem - no Hyde, King or Earing means where are the goals coming from.
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    I agree Hoddie, there will be others who could do the same, perhaps even better than DB (not to say DB has not done a good job overall). However, I can see why some have concerns and this is from someone who was quite open and supportive of the 'plan B' when DB took over. It is hard for some I would imagine to not be fearful that we would end up with the likes of Jim Brown again and that is understandable. We saw what happened when the Blue Socks went through similar. There will always be a portion of people who will want to stay in the comfort zone of relative stability and has Bubba alluded to recently on another thread in paraphrasing Demonite the area has a lot of working class folk who by definition are not leaders and crave safety and stability. You only need look at this message board to see how few comment on these matters compared to other posts that are basically a whinge fest. People care more about who we have signed than the core fundamentals of the structure of the club. The owner is irrelevant compared to who the next Right wing-back is.
  6. Could we buy him a chair so he doesn't graze his backside on the lush Shay grass.
  7. It suffered serious arthritic behaviour all season
  8. Just because he’s got a contract doesn’t mean he won’t join us. We’ve got the money to buy him.
  9. I’ve never seen this lad play but he’s not got a great goal scoring record.
  10. My dad once picked up Tony Hadley in the taxi. Said he was being a reyt arrogant div so he drove slower on purpose so he missed his train!! Ha.
  11. Season ticket has just been bought. I love going to the football on a saturday, watching the match following my club and seeing mates with the whole social side of things and day out. Something to look forward to whilst having a $hitty day at work in the middle of January. So personally its more than just a season ticket.
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  13. Maybe the club should produce a pre-season "spot the trialist booklet" along the lines of the I-Spy books we had when we were kids.
  14. Has to be on trial with us surely? No reason for him to like a bunch of the club's tweets recently otherwise. That being said, it's a very weird thing for him to lie about if it's a bluff.
  15. 5 pages of theShaymen.net for you *sigh*
  16. Definitely looking forward to going back tomorrow and watching the mighty Shaymen. More looking forward to seeing who these trialists are. Cameras at the ready !!
  17. Matt Green is without a club at moment. Bit old for me at 34 but know this league and league two. Don’t think he has pulled up an trees the last couple of seasons though.
  18. Bit of back of a fag packet maths but if S/T sales are down compared to last season, will we still get a similar number of fans in the ground to 2019-20 when we averaged home fans of around 1900 per game, with just over 200 a game average for away fans. If those fans who previously would have taken a S/T but choose not to but still turn up to roar on the Shaymen, then DB's gamble will have paid off, as their would be around £54,300 extra income.
  19. Wilder Bollox


    Whilst he sings to the tune of a six figure controlled loss he feeds us abridged accounts that provide no supporting evidence
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