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9 hours ago, kirkbymoorsidesteve said:

just bought a email ticket for the guiseley game, anyone else coming along, there seems to be a lot of tickets on offer, but that may change if the covid relaxation doesn't go ahead

Bought 2 last week, it looks like we might have a good turn out if the new deadline for relaxing restrictions is kept to.

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10 hours ago, Greggs said:

Shouldn't be getting delayed in the first place. Killed 3 people in the last 24 hours. I suspect more people got run over by a bus 

"Only" 3 people while restrictions are still in place, though.

I'm struggling to see an exit strategy from the restrictions without acceptance that there'll be an increase in deaths as a result. As the UK's second worst ever PM rightly says, if the government wants to wait until there's no news of new variants, they'll never cancel the restrictions because variants will always happen. SARS, MERS, etc. largely died out because new variants became less transmissible. But that's completely random, we can't wait indefinitely for the same to happen to Covid-19.

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