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32 minutes ago, Shaymen Stats said:

So off the top of my head

Euro 1984 - didnt qualify? 

Euro 1988 - out at the group stage? 

Euro 1992 - didnt qualify? Or knocked out very early? 

Euro 1996 - Semis (beat Holland on penalties in Quarter Final). 

Euro 2000 - out in the group stages. 

Euro 2004 - Round of 16 (lost to Portugal on pens). 

Euro 2008 - didn't qualify. 

Euro 2012 - Round of 16 (lost to Italy on pens). 

Euro 2016 - Round of 16 (lost 1-2 to Iceland). 

1996 beat Spain on penalties

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On 6/12/2021 at 9:17 AM, shaymen_x said:

I heard that England had never won a Euros knockout game in open play/90 mins. Is this stat correct? If so, its about time we sorted that one out.

We’ve never one our opening match either. I can see this changing on Sunday.

Also until last night Italy had never scored more than two goals in a Euros finals game (or so the commentator said).  

Strange stats? Have I just dreamt these up or are they true?


Actually won our first opening game after 10 starts. C’mon England!!! Get in!

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