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Chesterfield match thread.

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I fancy Stephenson to score today , Hyde also , 2-0 , they will score late to make it 2-1 and  nervy , other results will have late drama , nerves are kicking in now .

I really expect us to at them from the off , score first and I think we will win , no sitting back and inviting them on .PLEASE.

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2 Attacking players on the bench, but would still prefer to have another 1 of them on the field from the start.

Keep Allen until last 30 mins when they are tiring.

Need to get at them early & keep our foot on the throttle all game.

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32 minutes ago, Steve Lanzarote said:

Looks like usual tactics defend for 60 and see if we are still in the game then.


Wild said: “It’s going to be great, and hopefully they’re going to be the 12th man, they’re going to have to be patient.

“My rallying cry to them would be ‘you’re going to have to be patient’."


I just hope the team get carried away by the fans support and really go for it from the start.



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