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Allen bust a gut to get into those positions in the first place. He won our penalty today too.  Lads, go for a beer and a clog dance, we won! 

Agree.....why do some members of this forum always pick on one player.....we all  know how good our captain has been in his career...still can and will do a job for us...he did a lot of work in school

The stream is very very poor but to knock Kirky the commentator and his pundit is totally unfair. I think Kirky is very good. I've (although reputed to be the best Bingo caller in Brighouse) never had

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13 minutes ago, TJAshton said:

Must have been a while ago as I don’t remember it 

Against Aldershot, 3 games ago. You are a parody. 

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We are far too loose when they’re in possession. Glad we’re leading but need to keep momentum on our side and put pressure on their defence by moving it through midfield quicker. And not switch off to set pieces. But good town. Keep it up.

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1 minute ago, seasideblue said:

Green needs to get tighter to Robinson. He's running the game for them in midfield.

Yeah, spooted that also, i keep thinking we are ok but with the crap stream and sunshine i keep mistaking the ref for one of our own! Definitely got acres of space in midfield. 

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1 minute ago, Pliny Harris said:

Haha, Gangnam Style as half time music? In this day and age? Classic.

Good to see we are still years behind with the Half-Time Now Thats What I Call Music

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