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Jesus just realised it´s only Friday this bloody lock down must be getting to me.😆

Neither are half of our team according to you 

How many times have you watched Sutton this season? True we were poor on the day , most sides have off days, we had one yesterday. Doesn’t make us a bad side. What we have is a belief we can win games

Just now, ewalsh said:

Sutton have been garbage too. We’ve well and truly cocked this one up

Why did he take Earring off. That's what has made the difference and given them the opportunity to push men forward

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Just now, bolt45 said:

To be fair they had looked more dangerous before Earing went off. I wouldn't call it shutting up shop when we brought Hyde on to replace him

Who has calling it shutting up shop? There's much less running at them with the ball now. 


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I would of taken a draw before kickoff..but we absolutely dominated until earing was taken off..I didn't see he was injured or tired but could be wrong...that's the most gutting result of the season do far for me

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