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6 minutes ago, halifaxmark said:

Nobody thinks we have a divine right to be top of the league but accepting a point away at kings lynn for me is settling for mediocrity. Football isnt easy but if we want to reach the playoffs we should be beating these teams home or away. 

FYI - Mark,33, watching town since 97, home and away.

Today was a game we should have been looking to take all 3 points. However, Kings Lynn have shown themselves to be no slouches in recent games with some good results including a draw with Torquay. Add into that being away from home and the ludicrous weather conditions then a point isn’t the end of the world. They say win your home games and draw the away games and you’ll be at the right end of the table. 25, watching Town regularly since ‘05 (and infrequently before that)

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Some people on here must have been eating carrots all week. I couldn’t even see the ball most of the time let alone who was actually playing it. We didn’t win so some people have to dig out a pla

The picture was terrible....was like trying to watch my neigbours wife through the bathroom window....

Bloody hell all these bleeding youngsters.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clarke------PW said in post match interview that he brought Belehouan in because we are thin on the ground in that position and Clarke is nowhere near fit, so maybe????? and if Mansell proves ok he can be ours for the season.

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Watched the game today, or around 10 mins, as paused at the start and then found I could not rewind after the screen froze, so lost first 15 minutes. After that all I could see was when the play switched to the side where the commentary point was, so maybe 20% of the remainder of the game. £12 not well spent.....

On this basis it is hard to give any accurate review of how the game went but here goes from what I saw, and pieced together with what others, who had been eating carrots recently, managed to see.

As predicted Jean Belehouan started in place of Byrne and Lewis Mansell got in the starting line up ahead of Allen, who is at least back to a fitness level that allows him to be selected, maybe PW wants to bring him back gradually. Earing got the nod over Green, so it looked like Town were going to come out and attack.

Summerfield and Woods controlled midfield, as expected, but chances in the first half seemed to be difficult to carve out and to some extent, against the run of play Kings Lynn counter attacked and scored a well taken goal from their debutant Kiwomya. 1-0 at halftime to the home side but as in other games I did not feel panicked about this and expected Town to step up their game in the second half to pull this back. From what I was able to see Belehouan played well and seemed to fit into the back 3. He made some good interceptions but needs to learn how the midfield players expect to get the ball earlier. Mansell, I cannot comment on as saw nothing of him and did not hear much mention of his contribution from the commentators. Lastly, a simple pass out from Johnson to King was badly controlled by King which led to him being late into a challenge with a K/L player who had nicked the ball off of him, and which looked to be going out for a Town throw, but this gained him a further yellow card, to bring his current total to 4.

Second half, again we were in control and from a corner with the ball headed back across goal Lewis Mansell leaped above everyone to put the ball in the net and game on at 1-1. At this point Town took off Woods and brought Green on, not sure if this was a preventative move to save Woods, or if he had a knock, but this unsettled the balance seen so far in the game and this seemed to let Kings Lynn back into the game more. This was followed by the introduction of Senior for Belehouan, but Senior was playing on the left with Williams, instead of on the right where Belehouan had been. Due to the fog I cannot comment on whether this added any further unbalancing as I can only presume that the back 3 shuffled across to accommodate this move. 

These changes led to an improvement in Town's play going forward with King and Senior repeatedly getting down the left wing and getting crosses in. Unfortunately, none of this pressure bore any fruit, other than a succession of corners, as without Hyde in the middle to convert the chances being made, we were looking a little short of ideas in front of goal. On a few occasions the ball would just not come down in the penalty area to give any of the Town's players chance to get a good shot at goal. Allen was introduce for Mansell in the 76th minute but this did little to change the overall attacking possibilities.

KIngs Lynn on the other hand were able to exploit the space behind the Town backline as we pushed forward for the winner. This led to some dangerous moments, one well saved by Sam Johnson and the 2 others ruled out for offside. This is the downside of the Town approach where we now seem to want to slug it out with teams rather retreating into a defensive shell and trying to hold out for a point. Personally, I prefer the lets go for 3 and not settle for one approach.

Prior to the game I felt that this was one which we could grind out a result, but all credit to K/L who battled hard and were still a threat in the last 20 minutes as both sides tried to go for a win. I think the condition of the pitch did not suit our passing game, and the fog disrupted our usual tactic of switching play from wing to wing, but it was the same for both teams. So overall a point is not a disaster against a team who will surprise other teams in this league, as Torquay also found out.

I think both of our debutants had good games, considering they are not experienced at this level, and that they will both be positive additions to the squad. Not criticising but both Earing and Chadwick were not at the races today, Jack was not taking players on and Billy has not yet had time to strike up any partnership with either Allen or Mansell, but no doubt it will come with more time on the training ground. Summerfield and Woods both put in their usual solid,hard working performance in midfield. There were one or two misplaced passes but the overall success rate of their work is, I would imagine amongst the best in the league. The back 3 did not seem overly troubled with the pace of Kiwomya, and apart from the goal contained him. The change when Senior came on did alter the dynamics in the game and we rode our luck at times.

So, whilst on paper this would appear to be 2 points dropped, it is a banana skin we have avoided, and the one point for the first game back after a layoff and with 2 new players will be something PW will probably mark down to experience, and no doubt will be one of the games we have earmarked as a 50/50 game. More important, is how we bounce back on Tuesday night against Hartlepool who clocked up another win today. We go into that game as the underdogs. 


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update of scorer
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3 hours ago, andrich said:

 Radio Norfolk initially said they didn’t know but thought it was Jean Belehouan. FCHT Twitter first said Mansell, which is probably where the BBC got it from, but then said later that they’d had confirmation that it was Bradbury. 3 scorers so we must have won 3-1!

Now confirmed as Mansell!

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3 hours ago, davidhx6 said:

Just hope we don’t get Paul Marsden refereeing!!

Nope, but Kings Lynn have the pleasure of Mr Marsden on Tuesday night away at Altrincham. Let's hope K/L can do us a favour and beat them.

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1 minute ago, Hands Off The Shay said:

Bizarrely if K/L win their three games in hand they would go above us!

It would be bizarre, if they can go to Altrincham, Eastleigh and Sutton as well as entertain Stockport at home, and come away with 9 points from 4 games, based on what we have seen today.

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Had I known beforehand the effect of the fog on the stream I don't think I would have bothered.

It was noticeable that the stream didn't start before the game started by which time most people would have paid their money.

Did we know the weather conditions before kick off?

I only purchased it at 2.45. I think I will make sure the stream has started and there are no issues from now on.

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