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Worldnet: AFC Halifax Veterans Complete Record 2010


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AFC Halifax 2 Oxford United 1

Scorers: Kavanagh, Hemblys

AFC Halifax 5 Glasgow Rangers 0

Scorers: Meynell, Payne, Hemblys (3, 1 pen)

AFC Halifax 1 Arsenal 0

Scorer: Payne

Round One:

AFC Halifax 4 Watford 0

Scorers: Dawson, King, Sykes, Thompson

Round Two:

AFC Halifax 2 Grimsby Town 0

Scorers: Peckover, Hemblys


AFC Halifax 3 Leicester City 2

Scorers: Hemblys, King, Sykes


AFC Halifax 1 Arsenal Nigeria 0 (aet)

Scorer: Hemblys

Squad: Nigel Walker, Matthew Blackburn, Stewart Heaton, John Barker, Steve Payne, Paul Sykes, Danny King, Johnny Meynell, Kevin Dawson, Andy Hemblys, Adam Robinson, Craig Peckover, Jonny Kavanagh, Matthew Thompson, Dave Thompson.


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