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Stats from Worldnet Open age (mainly for Hembers' information)

Team V Livingston:

C Wigglesworth (sub J Parker), M Lumb (Sub N Caulfield), A Ramsden, M Lamb, L Casalino, B Fawkes, M Bishop, S Hamilton, M Probets (sub A Holmes), L Holmes, A Probets

Goalscorers - B Fawkes, M Probets, A Probets

Team V Man U

C Wigglesworth, A Ramsden, L Casalino (sub L Couchman), M Lamb, B Fawkes, M Bishop, S Hamilton, M Probets, L Holmes, A Probets, N Caulfield

Team v Stockport

C Wigglesworth (sub Jordon), L Couchman (sub M Lumb), A Ramsden, M Lamb, B Fawkes (sub N Caulfield), M Bishop, S Hamilton, M Probets, L Holmes, A Probets, A Holmes.

Goalscorers - A Probets, A Holmes

Team v Airdrie (Big Tam trophy)

1st Half

J Parker, L Couchman, A Probets, N Caulfield, S Heaton, A Holmes, A Hemblys, M Lumb, N Walker, L Casalino, M Lamb (sub Michael).

Goalscorers - L Couchman, A Holmes, N Walker, OG

2nd Half

M Bishop, L Couchman, S Heaton, J Cavanagh, N Caulfield, Matteus, Michael, A Robinson, A Holmes, J Parker, B Fawkes (sub L Holmes)

Goalscorers - B Fawkes (any more??) (Scottish Nige scored as well for them)

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