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Signings and Losses from each conference club


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3 hours ago, Bobbins said:

£75k release clause according to Fylde, hell of a lot for a conference north team to pay on one player, especially a team who were struggling to pay bills only 18 months ago.

Just madness. Even with the tribunal money it will be a fortune, even disregarding his wages requirements.

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I can't say I know what Neil Young has been doing, but I doubt very much he'd get the scouting job then sit at home each evening watching Corrie because he's been working his day job during the day.

You forget the stadium roar, their twelfth man. 

Great news for us—Maidenhead United's prolific striker Dave Tarpey has signed for Barnet tonight on the hour.

At Wrexham it's been a slow start and after their 1-0 loss to Dover, Deane Keates said:

“It is going to take time for the new players to gel,” said the manager. “We’re going to look back on it and learn from it.


“We’re still optimistic and we know nothing is won or lost inside the first month.”

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This quote from Jim Gannon of Stockport in the Conference North about getting promotion from the Conference North is astounding:

"For Gannon, who can only train his players twice a week, full-time status cannot come quickly enough. 'I'm trying to professionalise everything we do. Ultimately we will need to go to full time to get out of this level."

That Salford effect at play once more.



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Wrexham have signed a Fleetwood striker on loan and Eastleigh have signed a Lincoln defender, Callum Howe.

In conference North news the top 6 Brackley, Harrogate, Darlington, Southport, Spennymoor and Salford are 2 points clear of the pack allready. York and Kidderminster are in the top 10 while Stockport are languishing at 13th, 

NFU look like they are toast alleady, 4 losses from 4 games and 0-12 in goal difference.

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News  from Conference North.

Brackley is unbeaten and Harrogate and Southport are 4 wins and 1 draw each.

The more fancied Salford are now 4th with 4 straight wins and York and Darlington follow not far behind.

Spennymoor who lost to Brackley are 7th.

Big budget Kiddy and Stockport have 6 and 7 points respectively  and are already at 2 games off top 3.

In the nether regions, FCUM are bottom with 1 point and 5 teams including Chorley, NFU and Gainsborough have 3 or 4 points.

Simon Ainge leads the goalscoring.

In the conference the leading goalscorer is Tarpey of Maidenhead.

The next 9 top goalscorers all play for southern Conference sides.



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