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Signings and Losses from each conference club


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Over the past few weeks, I've mentioned how I keep a track of signings into and each Conference club.

It would take me years (or at least a long time) to mention individual names of players but I can give an abbreviated list into which level of football the signings came from. I  haven't formed an opinion as to quality per se of each signing, as that is an opinion, but only produced a list of where the players came from and went to.

Some ground rules for the list.

Firstly the club a player has gone from is their last club ( ie not the the last club they were loaned to nor if that player had league experience elsewhere).

Secondly if a player since the signing period has been loaned long term to a conference club, that is considered a signing.

Thirdly, numerous clubs released players. Released players were not included per se, only those who found another club. Wrexham released a few, Eastleigh released 9 and Chester 4 

I've taken the list from Soccerway, 4 websites and local newspapers so I've tried to be exhaustive and tried to cross reference signing if in doubt.But that said, the quality of the reporting is variable.

I can provide names and particular clubs upon request.


Gained 4 league players, 1 C(conference) 8 Conference North\Southor below players

Lost 3 players to League sides, 3 to a Conference side, 9  to Conference North\South or below clubs


Gained 8 L players, 1 C(conference) player, 1 CNS players

Lost 1L player, 3 CNS players


Gained 8 L, , 2C, 4 CNS players

Lost 3L, 5 C, 8 CNS players


Gained 1L, 8C players

Lost 2L, 5C, 4CNS


Gained 8L,9C, 5 CNS  players

Lost 2L, 7C, 4 CNS players

Solihull Moors

Gained 10L, 1C, 11 CNS players

Lost 2L, 2C, 12 CNS players


Gained 8L, 5 C,  1 CNS players

Lost 3L, 3C, 12 CNS players

Boreham Wood

Gained 7L, 2C, 3CNS players

Lost 2L,5C,2CNS players


Gained 2 L,4 C, 4 CNS players

Lost  1L, 5C 1 CNS players


Gained 2 L, 6 C, 6 CNS players

Lost 1 L, 5C, 4 CNS players


Gained 5L,9 C, 6 CNS players

Lost 3 L, 9 C, 4 CNS players


Gained 9L,2C, 4 CNS players

Lost 3L, 6C, 3CNS players


Gained 5L, 1 C, 4 CNS players

Lost 1C, 5CNS players


Gained 4L,2C, 1 CNS player

Lost 1L, 2C, 4 CNS 


Gained 6L, 3C, 6 CNS players

Lost 1L, 3C, 9 CNS players


Gained 7L, 3C, 2CNS players

Lost 2L, 3C, 4CNS players


Gained 9L, 4C, 2CNS players

Lost 2L, 6C, 7 CNS players


Gained 5L, 2C, 2 CNS players

Lost 3L,1C, 11 CNS players


Gained 10L,3C, 5 CNS players

Lost  3L, 5C, 5 CNS


Gained 4L, 6C , 1 CNS players

Lost 2L, 1  C, 2CNS players


Gained 5L, 5C, 4 CNS players

Lost 2C, 7 CNS players


Gained 1L, 1C,, 4CNS

Lost 1L, 1C,5CNS


Gained 14L, 2C , 2CNS players

Lost 7L, 1 C, 6 CNS player


Gained 8 L, 4C players

Lost 7L, 1C, 4 CNS players


L = present League or Scottish Premier club

C = present Conference club

CNS = present Conference North or South\Welsh or lower down the non league pyramid side



One final thing, this is not an exact science as website quality changes as do club sites and not every site has every signing so I've tried to double check but it is what it is.

NB figures current as of now.



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I can't say I know what Neil Young has been doing, but I doubt very much he'd get the scouting job then sit at home each evening watching Corrie because he's been working his day job during the day.

You forget the stadium roar, their twelfth man. 

Great news for us—Maidenhead United's prolific striker Dave Tarpey has signed for Barnet tonight on the hour.

14 minutes ago, Richmond96 said:

Great analysis. Appreciate you sharing it. Bearing in mind we're moving up a league it looks like we're a bit behind most of our rivals at the moment. 

What's happened in a lot of cases are that clubs have cannibalised each other.

For example Woking have got a player from Bromley, Dover and Dagenham but then lost a player to Maidstone, Orient and Boreham while Dover have got a player from Boreham, Maidenhead  and Bromley and lost 2 to Sutton,1 to Woking, 1 to Dagenham, 1 to Bromley and 1 to Ebbsfleet etc etc

A lot of clubs have broadly speaking replaced a lot of the players they've lost.

I'm not sure how many clubs have actually improved significantly.

Also the loans of players are now starting so I'd expect to see a bit more change.

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Great analysis.

What it says to me is that a lot of clubs are starting with eight or nine new players, almost a new team. Its impossible to say if they have been improved or otherwise, and I doubt if they even know themselves, they will obviously be hoping so.

Teams will take time to settle and may find squads will only settle down at Christmas. I'm not too worried that we haven't signed a bundle of players as in my experience whenever we have had a clear out in the past the incoming lot are no better.

We need some quality so remain hopeful of perhaps a couple more players.

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7 hours ago, Grayski said:

Great to see you have gone to all that trouble listing this info, thankyou

...you must have a lot of time on your hands though?... :o

Once the list is done all you need to is update. Hard part is doing it to begin with.

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3 minutes ago, royals1922 said:

Given they won 2 of their last 10 games last year, you would have thought they would have bought more players.

Aye, true. Didn't one of their directors leave recently? I wonder if that's played a part? They are maybe realising that they have to live within their means more.

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14 minutes ago, Erik Everhard said:

Aye, true. Didn't one of their directors leave recently? I wonder if that's played a part? They are maybe realising that they have to live within their means more.

To be blunt, I think they're skint.

They don't have a huge supporters base and otherwise had to compete with the Salfords of this world for players.

At the beginning of last season they bought big and a lot and this year very little.

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4 hours ago, royals1922 said:

Shay Given, Alex Bruce and Wes Brown have been training with Macclesfield.

So has Elliott Durrell who was part of the V9 academy and mentioned on here before.

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