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  1. The 200 contacts thing has been playing on my mind. We’ll have obviously missed out on some of them. I wonder if some of them might currently be trialling in the FL and have us as the fall back option. The FL season starts a week on Saturday so suspect some of these players that have failed to earn contracts will now start to filter down to our level.
  2. The impression I’ve got from Wilds interviews are we’ll sign 4 of the trialists and then 2 replacements for Hyde and Byrne. One big thing I took out of last night was the change in formation. 4231 it looked like to me. Was that tactical or enforced?
  3. The two main concerns for me are McDonagh and Correia. If they are the best we can come up with to replace Hyde we are in for a long season. Just hoping they were there to fill the numbers as we did have Allen and Stenson missing. Do think there are a few worth another look. The two CAMS, Calligan and Abubakar were the standout trialists for me.
  4. Trialists from last night for anyone wondering and not wanting to scroll the whole match thread. First Half: Right Back - James Horsfield Left Back - Will Calligan Left Wing - Chris Taylor CAM - Jamie Cooke ex Colne ST - Gerry McDonagh Second Half: GK - Ben Carlton RCB - ? RB - David Abubakar (from the youth team) CAM - Will ? ST - Raul Correia Late Sub - ?
  5. Well, I think it’s safe to say we aren’t signing Lawlor or Askew. Really thought we might have gone in for Vassell. Would have been the perfect replacement for Byrne and he knows Wild and McClelland.
  6. Doubt it. Scargill is away until the Guiseley game so probably won’t hear a peep out of Wild till that game. The impression I got from previous interviews was we’d have a couple of weeks of pre season then make some decisions. So potentially after the Carlisle game? That’s if the first week of training ‘counts’
  7. Think the right back back from second half might have been David Abubakar from the youth team
  8. The right back first half was apparently James Horsfield. Last at Wrexham.
  9. He struck me as a number 10 type. Earing sort of player. The blonde lad in the second half called Will looked handy too. Like you say, we don't really need those sort of players. Backup GK RB LB 2 CB 2 ST That's what i would go for personally.
  10. Wasn't a big fan of Campbell or Stephenson but would have any of those 3 over McDonagh and Correia. If that's the best we can come up with to replace Hyde then it will be a very long season.
  11. Lawlor was actually named on Hartlepool team sheet tonight yet other trialists weren't. Suspect he may have signed/going to sign there
  12. No Vassell, No Askew, No Lawlor
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