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  1. I'll be brutally honest and say should we make the playoffs, I don't think we will win them. We are too inconsistent to win 3 tough games on the bounce plus Wild's recent negative tactics have weakned us significantly. However, I feel it is very important we at least make them for a couple of reasons. The first reason being the obvious one of, you've got to be in it to win it. The playoffs are such a lottery and anything can happen. You never know at that point. Form leading into them is ideal but knockout football produces some funny results. The second reason and more important one
  2. I stand by what I said before the Boreham Wood game. We are probably going to need 6/7 points. 3 of those points will probably need to be against Chesterfield and hope we get 3/4 points in the next two games. On paper, I can’t say im confident but this team have a knack of bouncing back after a defeat so who knows
  3. AJS

    James Dean

    Absolutely devastated. Was one of my favourites players for the new club. Rip Deano
  4. My heart says yes but my head says no. My head usually is correct so will go with a No. We’ve gone away from what got us in the playoffs in the first place. We earned our position on merit by playing a free-flowing attacking game whilst pressing the opponents into mistakes. Recent games have been the complete opposite. Yes, we were conceding goals but it tended to be through an individual error or a worldie. We could get away with it because we would out score the opposition. Look at yesterday, Stockport game and the Bromley game. What did they all have in common? We played negative
  5. Had a bit of time to reflect and that one hurts today. We started both halves brightly but still didn’t really create anything in those periods. Barely anyone can come away from that game with credit today. Johnson possibly but even he got extremely lucky with the disallowed goal. Some major points that need discussing for me. Allen only has one role in this team. He’s best off the bench when we are a goal or two up on the counter. When the other team doesn’t play a high line he’s ineffective. His decision making and footballing brain isn’t good enough to be a winger or wing back.
  6. It all just seems a bit too flat. We are losing every loose ball and have barely touched the ball apart from the first 10 minutes. Midfield need to push a bit higher and press more
  7. Town Twitter just tweeted about getting match passes. Scargill posted a video of the pitch and it looks ok but covers on the south stand goal area.
  8. Anyone else notice the twitter isn’t doing the usual automated 2 hours to kick off thing? There must be some concerns with all the silence
  9. Same team bar Hyde for Chadwick unless Earing is fit. In that case I’d take Woods out and move Green deeper to play alongside Summerfield. The rain is horrendous by me. Game will be in serious jeopardy if it carries on like this.
  10. Gone back due to fa rules stating he could only have x number of days with us. Surely an end of season loan covers every applicable day?
  11. Even if we pick up one or two gems from the lower leagues off the back of it, it’s a very good return. Good to get some minutes for the squad players too. Could prove useful if we pick up injuries in the last few games
  12. Don’t get this at all. How do this benefit any party involved? We lose a key player, Billy misses out on valuable game time and Hull only have one game left which is a dead rubber. I suspect the Stephenson signing was planned in advance knowing Chadwick was leaving the way we have worded the statement
  13. I know this sounds daft to say after winning 3-0 but we barely created anything yesterday. We were just very clinical with our chances for a change. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing but not sure it’s the long term answer.
  14. I thought the same at the time. Looked like the defender just slammed it into his own net trying to clear it for a corner
  15. https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/yeovil-town-0-3-fc-halifax-town-i-thought-we-were-excellent-first-half-against-the-wind-says-wild-3222976 PW interview for anyone interested
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