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  1. Always liked Ajay Leitch Smith but not really a goal scorer, must have neen injured last season looking at his game time?
  2. Maybe Wild didn't feel he'd done enough? We could certainly do worse than him though. Hopefully it was that rather than him choosing Woking over us, which would be a worry.
  3. Agree Steve i think he had something and could be a good signing. That said he needs to settle at a club now, he's had far too many moves for a player his age.
  4. Wouldn't have been against him staying here as i think he had some talent. In other news Jack Earing is already injured.
  5. Has that ever happened previously? Cant remember if so. I think they'll be alright personally, lost some good players but Challinor is a good manager and will see them ok imo.
  6. I can think of about 5,000 reasons a week ast to why Mullins gone to Wrexham. But look its all about opinions just don't think Beck is that great presonally.
  7. You mean the same level the great Mark Beck has just gone too?😀
  8. Seen him play loads of times, he's a 6ft 5 target man. He's better with his feet than Denton i agree but doesn't score as many which is fact. If he's so good why's hes just dropped 2 leagues at 27 year old? I'm not sure I'll be taking football advice from someone who thought Southgate was crap and Rodney a poor striker, but thanks anway...
  9. Certainly in terns of goal scoring Dentons better, Beck might offer a bit more on the deck but probably not much. No problem with having a target man personally, can still have success with route 1 football, just not all the time.
  10. He's a target man that attracts long ball footbal, the very type of football you whinge about. Trust me you'd hate him.
  11. A poor mans Tom Denton...no thanks.
  12. And you say your not negative.....jesus wept.
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