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  1. As i said last week. If were good enough we'll make the playoffs, and if not we wont. It really is that simple for me.
  2. Notts County 1 up.. You have feel though, that unless we improve our own performances in the next 3 games other teams results wont matter.
  3. RIP Deano! Such a waste, the awareness and help for mental health is bigger than ever but sadly can't save everyone. The first cult hero of the 'new' club and helped fire us to 2 promotions. I hope the 'James Dean goal machine' flag is still about and takes permanent residence at the back of the south stand.
  4. We've been poor at home all season TJ.
  5. Done pretty well this season but ultimately were not quite good enough. Lots of reasons why but i think we just lack squad depth as much as anything. Theres a few players not upto it, you can't take a game to a team with Green in a number 10 role which again comes down to squad depth. A dire game today, so bad that i didn't even realise Williams had been sent off untill about an hour ago. Said at HT i didn't think we'd make play offs without winning today and i stand by it. Its not that it cant be done, just that i dont think were good enough. I'd still say were better than
  6. I'll make a bold prediction here...if we dont win today we wont make the play offs. There doesn't seem any urgency at all here and on the whole we've been 2nd best. This is a great opportunity to cement our place as our last 3 fixtures look really tough on paper. We simply must be better 2nd half.
  7. We will have to be better than our last 5 home performances or we won't win the gane. I'd its 50/50 tomorrow.
  8. I know its all for H&S purposes but you have to laugh at this a bit. Limted people in a large outdoor arena spaced out accordingly. Then we can all trundle off into one of the many pub and bars in town and drink under one roof.
  9. Don't you get £800k in sponsorship in the FL? That will dwarf any pitch hire profits.
  10. Were in a good position atm despite not playing very well recently. I think 2 wins from our final 4 gets us there and with only Saturday games now we should be fresh enough. I can't see us being good enough to win the play offs similar to last season but theres always a chance.
  11. These other results dont matter to us. If were good enough we'll make the top 7, and if not we wont.
  12. Maybe its Wilds decision? Can't see Hull demanding his return as he's been playing games. Or maybe its just as simple as we had him till May 4th? Bit of a loss as we don't have much strength up front but he wasn't really having much impact since returning. I don't think we'll be any weaker without him personally.
  13. Clever stuff TJ, covering all bases I'll give you that.
  14. The irony off this thread being our most negative supporters hammering the manager for being negative. Half off you throw your toys out of the pram when you see the starting line up. Were 5th in the league atm and at worst will finish about 10th. Some will no doubt want a new manager if we miss out on play offs.
  15. We sat back for about 25 mins yesterday, the remainder of the rest of the half was even then we gave them a goal. 2nd half we 'had a go' most of the game spent in their half but we didnt have the quality. To me player for player they were better thab us and i cant see how setting up differently would have changed that.
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