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  1. Cant we just play goalie when needed it worked at sunnyside in the 70s
  2. Would be most well come, look forward to it. When do you arrive?

  3. Currently sat on beach in arrecife any recommendations for watching the athletico game tonight   Bradshaw shay man 

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    2. Steve Lanzarote

      Steve Lanzarote

      Meet up for drink today I only live 5 minutes away.(Sunday)

    3. Steve Lanzarote

      Steve Lanzarote

      You can phone me on 0034 695460438.

    4. bagley2004


      Sorry I missed your post yesterday got kidnapped by beer in Puerto del carmen I'm going back to Halifax for my aunties funeral 70 year old ex jhw girl June Hargreaves you may have known her   Continue enjoying the good life shaymen till we die

  4. Go to work you workshy melt

    1. Twisted Wheel

      Twisted Wheel

      What you talking about Willis? Spare seat in the car if you fancy tomorrow.

    2. bagley2004


      Can't make it pal sat on beach 24 degrees Lanzarote (snow this morning I believe   "Harsh")

    3. Twisted Wheel

      Twisted Wheel

      Ouch...aye, be bad up Bradshaw...err, Illingworth. Enjoy your holiday Mr Hargreaves.


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