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  1. Didn’t Manchester City lose 2or3 games last season? Does that mean they can’t be proper champions?
  2. Since we are the most northerly club in our league the odds are pretty short for us to be travelling south in the first game.
  3. That was brilliant, also Willie Carlin my favourite Town player ever
  4. MR. D

    Town site

    Me too. Can’t read the full instructions for return of fans
  5. Does that mean it won’t be streamed?
  6. MR. D


    Didn’t we sack our manager a few days after winning a cup final?
  7. Rather than telling the club to keep the £100 refund, surely it would be better to take the money and then donate it to the supporters club. I believe that way we would avoid paying VAT and the £100 would be tax free.
  8. Personally I can’t see the point of playing on this season. No chance of making the playoffs no relegation. Seems like we will be playing friendlies for the rest of the season. Can anyone think of another club that only play friendlies?
  9. My 11 year old grandson has just been informed that Nathan Clarke is going to have a zoom call with him on Monday. He is so excited. Many thanks Nathan and Halifax Town, what a fantastic thing for a young lad to experience. This is one of the reasons I love my football team.
  10. If we have to play at Southport will it still be streamed?
  11. Anybody know of any live commentary this evening?
  12. That’s where I remember him playing at the Shay. Thanks.
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