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  1. chrisbo61

    Peter Out

    I've said this before, do the owners really want league football and all that comes with it! Higher wages etc! Its not like attendance will increase greatly.
  2. Just a bit older than my own son, words can't describe how his family must be feeling! Let's hope he's just gone to ground to get his head straight!
  3. Good side, looking forward to some goals! (From us obvs)
  4. I can see Wrexham beating Yoevil so we need to be winning this to maintain league position.
  5. Got to dial covid restrictions into this too! They are based down south.
  6. Holy Mary, mother of God! You are a brave man outting that up on the Internet for the world to see!
  7. Correct TJ, opinions are like arseholes! Everyone got one!
  8. This is something that genuinely baffles me, people moaning about foreign ownership of uk infrastructure who then vote tory! The party that actually sold it to the foreign owners!
  9. Has he been banned? I thought he'd passed on from one of his seemingly endless illnesses! I've had a candle in my window bottom for the last six months!
  10. No, just rustling sweet wrappers!
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