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  1. This. There’s a food chain in football and Chesterfield are above us in it whether we like it or not.
  2. There’s an article in The Athletic today charting his appearance in every round of the FA Cup, including some words from Phil Senior. Pretty nice write up and includes highlights of the Harrogate 3rd round qualifier from @Shaymen Stats
  3. I thought this side was 8th-10th at the start of the season and I still think that now. Will be gutted if we don’t make it, but just can’t see us getting the likely 7 points from the last 3 games to do it.
  4. Well that was really poor. Don’t look to have enough legs in midfield
  5. I think some of the judgement of Chadwick’s second spell is harsh. He’s still worked hard and been very good, the goals just haven’t fallen for him. Didn’t help that he was unavailable when we played the poorer sides!
  6. Whilst that kinda makes sense, he’s only made what 20 appearances all season? I also can’t see him getting in Hull’s Championship squad, so he’ll be out on loan again? Clearly it was agreed up front, but all a bit weird
  7. I still get nightmares about the Brown, Glennon and Bencherif show first time we played them.
  8. Reminds me a lot of Paul Marshall. Not sure I’d have him here next season but he’s very much done a job this season
  9. Every single week ”shite, negative, playing not to lose” The second highest scorers in the league but you’d think we park the bus every week
  10. Just logging in to check the Ashton’s pissing and moaning before the game… and proven to be talking complete rubbish. Regular as clockwork
  11. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable he’s been playing out from the back this season. His long kicking is a bit of a lottery, but his short passing is really solid
  12. Good keeper, wants to be here - no brainer
  13. Woods just ****ing walking back, giving King the freedom. Just retire.
  14. Completely agree. Summerfield and Woods are good on the ball, but about as useful as traffic cones off the ball
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