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  1. Please stop complaining about town and the league we’re in, I’ve just been watching Barnsley v Swansea and it isn’t a pretty sight !
  2. I agree with born to moan but must say that players dropping to the ground as though seriously injured and in recent years also accompanied by an ear splitting Yelp appears to be common to all levels of football. It is frustrating, perhaps a five minute sin bin for simulation doubled to 10 if repeated would go towards solving the problem?
  3. and don’t forget the wee donkey
  4. I think that Stockport were the most “ professional “ side we have come up against this season and the difference was what money can buy ie Paddy the goal scorer ! PW has assembled a decent side this season on a limited budget but we have some weak links , Senior is a footballer but has little football intelligence, Woods is a little long in the tooth as is Williams , things like this are the difference between having excess money and having, as town have , a normal budget . Whilst Lady Luck may yet smile on us this season , I fear we have to wait for another Mulhall season , w
  5. Understand that some posters on this subject are considering a “ comrades in grief pact “ with Slavia Prague fans
  6. Jack E broke away towards the end of the game and unfortunately didn’t get his pass right to Hyde that would have put it to bed , not a criticism just how fine a dividing line things are just as their lads rocket at Sam , either side of him and this forums read would have been very different.
  7. I think the sentiment is great but we need a little bit more originality like “ I support FCHT but I’m nuts “
  8. Oh you mealy mouthed lot , you ought to be thankful for having a sensible and responsible Chairman unlike the “ throw the towel in “ lot at Kings Lynn and Dover. Yes it’s a loan to cover income that is lost and will never be replaced to cover costs that are actual and now. Thank God I never became a Director with supporters like you lot !
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have supported town since the mid fifties, I am too old to be involved with the running of the club , don’t wish to own any shares , can just see that DB has created stability for the first time in my time as a supporter, has asked for investors which hasn’t been forthcoming which also presupposes that if he put the club up for sale that there would also be little interest. The cheap loan is a wise move as DB has probably exhausted his investment, also has his day job to think about , but remember it’s still a loan and has to be paid back. I presume the l
  10. Sorry to burden you Flea but your ideas for “ catching fans attention “ during last seasons play offs money raising exercise certainly persuaded me to donate. Of course always pre supposing that you are in agreement with a further exercise to help the club , I wonder if you would be prepared to lead another campaign?
  11. I know this may be a big ask but I think it is time for those who both can and want to , to donate again to the club in a similar manner to last seasons pre play off fund.
  12. Interesting to see that Barrow have just sacked manager No 2 along with having signed a shed load of players . Harrogate still have their manager , no surprise there , but have stlll signed a shed load of players and both clubs remain in danger of returning to us , particularly Barrow. Be careful of what you wish for !
  13. Too many people on here trying to score cheap points. Come on town , do your best and put a smile on those sour faces !
  14. Even losers improve WB see a certain G. Horsfield , we had to wait for his second coming !
  15. It was more than handbags Zorro , Frank got sent off along with Lawrie Baxter of Torquay , I was ,then, a very young town supporter but remember it as a full blooded punch up !
  16. Talking about decking someone I thought there would be more talk about the upcoming “ fight of the century “ no silly not Joshua v Fury , it’s King v Kosylo now that’s worth shouting about and has the makings of a tasty brawl , any thoughts on the outcome ?
  17. As a town supporter of 60 plus years I look today at two managers who are struggling, one our revered Chris Wilder struggling at Sheffield U with no wins and the other our current manager Pete Wild struggling too with only one win , do I think they are bad managers who need replacing , no definitely not , as time and time again that path just leads to a downward spiral that takes years to recover from as our friends at Leeds will testify. So let’s keep the faith with Messrs Wilder and WIld as I believe they are honest men who will get things right although I fear my words may fall on dea
  18. PRS


    Sancho can’t beat a man and United want to pay £80 million for him . Walker in football intelligence terms is brain dead oh for Mr. Vardy
  19. As one swallow doesn’t make a summer , today’s performance doesn’t make PW a bad manager , move on to the next game because that is the reality of the situation like it or not .We are in the top half of the league , play off position territory, support your team and keep the faith.
  20. If you’re reading this item you could be forgiven for thinking ” that whilst towns result is important , £12 is importanter ! “
  21. And people ridicule Ed Sheeran ! really
  22. And as many have said wouldn’t be playing at our level !
  23. I think that this was a good point well earned and as many have said without the currently injured H&S up front we aren’t seeing PWs preferred selection. Allen is an enigma, plays on the shoulder, has the speed , can beat a man , but little end product hope PW can find the answer to that particular riddle. Just one concern was the amount of ground/ possession we conceded in the second half as I thought we also did against Dagenham , didn’t see the Stockport match, and at 0-0 and with awkward beggars like Rhead around it’s a dangerous game , having said that comparing yesterday’s
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