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  1. A nasty rumour going round that Chesterfield have broke into our offices and stole 500 cut outs of our fans so not content stealing our players now want our fans and just hope Mr B had some compo written into the contracts.
  2. Did anybody recognise any of the fans in some of the crowd scenes, was very surprised to see a lady with a family who i know well giving the ref some verbal at Hyde, the player and the ref looked terrified, this was just after Deano had scored and looking forward to giving the family the photo when if ever we get back.
  3. Its been very hard putting these together with two emotions, the first the great times we had in them two years and then the sad emotion that the star of the show was no longer with us, it did not help that the old mini camcorder which i bought on Ebay in 2006 was playing up and long past its time but thanks to Mrs Funky looking on Ebay everyday managed to get the Head Cleaner for that model only to find out no inputs for the camcorder on our DVD so had to go up in the loft to see if the recorder would still work and it did so for once being a hoarder worked.
  4. Had a nice chat with Deanos dad today and sent him the DVD and a match is being planned at Chorley, also told me how much he enjoyed playing at Halifax. I would like to thank Chadders and the lovely Louisa for making this possible ,also a big thank you to SS for his help with You Tube and last of all Shamus and the Halifax Bible because without all this info i would not have been able to do it so far my part memories of a legend have been saved.
  5. So true Roy because have Barry Gibb for saving my life, ah ah ah ah staying alive staying alive.
  6. I'm a happy bunny with that news.
  7. Ian Wright tweeted ,cut to the studio FFS spot on.
  8. Sorry all places booked up at Hotel Funky.
  9. dj funky

    Jamie Allen

    The schools do a great 7 a side comp with the final played at the Gala in July, filmed it every year and always one kid that stands out, Alex Stepney hands out the medals and as photos with the kids, the winning team do a lap of honour round the pitch and what bugs me most of the people watching do not even give them a round of applause because to busy drinking all day, very sad.
  10. dj funky

    Jamie Allen

    Remember that game when they had three sent off.
  11. Have to admit but my Acca days are over unless they get a lift instead of trying to get up them steps.
  12. Sang I'm A Believer in the 60's and nothing ever happens.
  13. Was strange in the South Stand and only three people i knew and they were mates and when the fans started chanting it was like a 3D echo over the whole ground spooky.
  14. Do not mock my Q@ S schooling and ok did say could do better but time run out, still not figured those variable limits out yet .
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