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  1. Many thanks Zorro for bringing this news to us in your usual rapier like speed. Sergeant Gonzales will be bricking it now you’re back on the scene.
  3. Kosylo is on the bench. Bell not even in the squad.
  4. Danny Wellbeck’s dad, Stan used to work for the bomb disposal unit.
  5. Both of 'em just getting their eye in. Expecting a better outcome this half.
  6. Totally irrelevant to the Pete Wild interview, but I’d like to point out that ex Wedding Present drummer Simon Smith,who lives on Finkle Street in Boulderclough has very clean windows. Saw them a few times in their pomp and I never knew I’d been cleaning his windows for the best part of twenty years! Always very interested in how the Shaymen are doing,and used to follow us (along with girlfriend Butterglory drummer Debby Van de Wall) in the Unibond days. Good egg.
  7. What really happened was the club just wanted to breath knew life into it so bought a knew broom. Billy Heath emigrated to Knew York.
  8. If all else fails you’ll be able to listen to Robins Radio .
  9. Batley are a really well run rugby club that always compete well within their means. Crowds of 600+ doesn’t bring a lot of brass in,but they spend it wisely in the main. They have a really good chant as well. “WE’RE FAWN, CERISE,WE FIGHT ‘EM ON THE STREETS BATERLEY,BATERLEY. Also the bloke that turns into the mascot Battler the Bulldog on match days is a big Shayman.
  10. Wasn’t that Shaquile McDonald?
  11. It’s quite worrying the state of the pitch. Especially that there will be no remedial work on it before next season starts.
  12. I predict it’ll be postponed again. A real pease pudding!
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