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  1. Have sampled many beers with Steve and his lovely wife Marie
  2. Not convinced that Sutton actually want to go up.
  3. Bloody Hell more “Captain Hindsight’s” on here than the Labour Party 🤗
  4. Don’t forget you haven’t answered my earlier question yet 😉
  5. Yes I would, his experience will be needed to bring on the younger players.
  6. Which is why he has made a good living out of the game. By doing well what you have described, well the opposition won’t have the ball 😉
  7. Are you a politician? Could you please answer the question.
  8. 12 point deduction and big fine minimum or it will keep on happening.
  9. Could you explain how he has changed the whole ethos of the club?
  10. Guido

    Blue Sox

    Must have been in excess of 250 watching a game last weekend at BSC
  11. One thing baffles me, how does he know what other clubs budgets are? he can only be guessing surely.
  12. I will take Gateshead. If you could send me the payment details I will forward the payment.
  13. Wasted, gone over everyone’s head too busy bitching who’s got the Blackist cat 🤭
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