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  1. Yes might be. But at this point the club havent a single friendly they can generate any revenue from however little it might be for a friendly.
  2. Its not really about the signings it's about the resignings that's the concerning bit
  3. Strange that its away given the lower team is usually at home in Friendlies..
  4. Did he or did he not say they had 7 to 10 days in an interview in the courier? This was decided so we were not missing out on signings. At this point players haven't decided. What happens if they turn us down now? Will we then have missed out on who we wanted which was the point in giving the bloody deadline. If you want to blindly back the club and think the sun shines out of everyones arse there go for it. But what has happened since the last game of the season in terms of communication is very poor.
  5. Ah yes we shouldn't be annoyed that a full time football club goes into a media blackout the second the season finishes. You find me another fulltime club where that happens? You can defend it all you want but we were told 16 days ago we would know in 7 to 10 days who had signed a new deal and since then it's been silence. Either Wild isnt a man of his word and has extended the time frame or everyone's left of course we don't know either way because there hasn't been any communication I have no doubts they are working on deals I just can never understand why we take longer and fin
  6. Always surprised me that he joined in the first place being from down south especially on a 2 year deal. After the year we have had its not surprising he might get homesick. If it's true though we are in a right mess
  7. How do you know it's a good player then and not a bloody candlestick maker from Durham
  8. It's ok. We can just press on with Jamie Allen he might be a better finisher in the conference north
  9. If it's only a rumour. Surely you can give the name so we can all have a little bit of excitement.
  10. Communication has always been atrocious at the club. We have made strides. Up until the end of the season Wild was doing 2 interviews a week. It's been radio silence bar one interview with Milly since. Bosomworth as usual is nowhere to be seem. Probably blowing cobwebs off his wallet. I just don't get it. They'll be out in 3 weeks asking people to buy a season ticket when they've just ignored the fans since the season ended We might be a professional club in name but in some other ways there are evo stik sides more professionally run. For example Bamber Bridge have finalised
  11. He's come on here to get a reaction and he's had a few decent catches.
  12. All I can think of is a swap Hyde to Grimsby. Gibson to us. On paper they get the best deal for me
  13. Yep. Can just see it now Torquay away on a Tuesday in December. Its nailed on
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