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  1. I want Torquay to lose.......personal reasons!
  2. We are a world away from teams like France and Italy in this years Euros. No idea, no chance..Why?
  3. Whats happened to all the Bury players that were left without a club??
  4. You were nearly in the same league as us this year!
  5. Right, now our 2 star men have buggered off for fame and fortune (as with Kosylo and Tuton)...Wild can start rebuilding for next season.
  6. Loving your optimism and positivity and creative post arryarry,......now, could you fill in my next tax return??
  7. Just two emotions watching this.....Heartbreak and Elation....... Thank you to all concerned with putting this fitting tribute together.
  8. King has had quite a few clubs before us and done nothing...better the devil you know sometimes. Look at Bell, top player for us but has gone elsewhere and done nothing. Chasing money doesn't always progress your career in football. Gutted hes gone though...how can we build a promotion winning side when other teams just rock up and cherry pick your best players. Cheaterfield are playing a very dangerous game financially..they were losing serious amounts of money not long ago. Hope they crash and burn tbh!
  9. Always.....and thats just his agent...total parasites!
  10. If Jeff King has gone to Cheaterfield its a complete sideways move imo. We looked after him and he has played his best football of his career so far with us. Really gutted as he is a quality player and should be aiming for a club in the FL. Once again it shows there is no loyalty anymore....but come on....Cheaterfield!
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