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  1. Oh dear, the head in the sand brigade are all over this shite again. We're not good enough . Move over Billy, or we will be back in the never never land. The board are to blame with not going full time and being able to attract quality players. Please don't wait too long . Cut the diseased limb off and save the body.
  2. If he scores goals, and we get promoted you will all be saying that giving him a second chance was the right thing to do
  3. We have 1200 fans, what difference to our status would it make if we signed him apart from getting a good striker for nothing.
  4. People who follow blindly without question always end up down a blind alley. People with wisdom advise on the error of judgement and if you are big enough to addmit you may have got it wrong we will all end up going to the promissed land.
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