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  1. All I am saying is Clarke does not stop our towards scoring...Anyway no arguments....we are all Town fans...
  2. So many more on twitter....he certainly loved karaoke...RIP Deano...shayman..
  3. Why is it Clarkes fault that our forwards cannot score goals.. really!!!!
  4. Eastleigh could win most of them.. not one of them they play are in the play offs..
  5. Last night on sky it was mentioned that Fulham for there last home game are only aloud 2500. I know there new stand is not yet complete but that seems low.
  6. ....this week's been tough enough with bad news regarding James Dean. Football is not so important.
  7. This would raise thousands for the family....Tom is correct.. fill the Shay..
  8. He did Tom...Tom Baker has posted many messages on twitter...emotional tweets too.....
  9. So sad and seeing Twitter this afternoon with so many Deano videos and emotional words from ex players.. We all know what a real hero he was for the shaymen...up there with vards and gregs..RIP fella..God bless...xx.....Legend
  10. Great shout...get the flag in the ground asap..
  11. Agree with that...a true hero for FC Halifax Town.
  12. Some big games Tuesday too...
  13. Agree....it's very sad....
  14. Very sad news..thoughts with his family..RIP Deano...
  15. I said no too...Not played well for a few games now, squad depleted now...cannot seems winning any of remaining games...Really hope I am wrong..
  16. All play off contenders score 3 or more today...
  17. Too late in my eyes...Cannot see a goal never mind a win...
  18. No rush for tickets v chesterfield...that's for sure..
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