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  1. That goal at colwym bay will always be my first memory of a giant of a player rip james dean shayman legend
  2. and second half too should not be anywhere near being picked conf north player at best
  3. Why did we wait till 1 0 down and down to 10 men to play with more pace wild **** scared of the opposition again instead of forcing ourselves on teams
  4. If bhw were wasting time well this is going to get worse
  5. Why are we helping them waste time williams should get the ball back to the keeper there
  6. Also boreham wood slowing it down as much as possible
  7. Sun now out in south west huddersfield so hopefully heading towards halifax
  8. Twitter now showing options for buying your streaming pass
  9. video 2000 laserdics are the future
  10. you need to create a chance first very negative approach today
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