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  1. You either support town or you don't you're decision
  2. Exactly just say you've gone for the money at least your telling the truth
  3. It should also regionalise the bottom division to North and south knowing are luck this would be the season we are relegated back into the conference north
  4. Why is it all ticket thought we were now out of lock down and free to do whatever we wanted cricket on TV tonight looked a big crowd
  5. Pundits are either failed managers or ex players who Daren't enter the manager merry-go-round that's how much they know about football
  6. His first choices may have been Ronaldo Messi and Kane it doesn't mean you will get them but set your sights high and then 2nd choice maybe still a good option
  7. For me I don't really care whether England win or lose top level football just doesn't appeal to me any more only fcht does
  8. Darren kelly and jamie fullarton will be in there element then
  9. We need to recruit younger first teamers then the gap won't be as big 😁
  10. Notts will be desperate yo go up as i think their parachute payments end after 2 seasons
  11. My prediction would be micky mellon turning up there
  12. He qould have had a field day today
  13. At least rectum have missed out and i cant see chesterfield getting promoted but stranger things have happened we all need to get behing torquay now
  14. Fortress shay is where we have failed this season strange season watcuing every game but not going 2 decent seasons to build on lets start building now tomorrow for next year
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