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  1. born to moan


    Good managers with the right contacts will pull a good team together. We haven't had a manager at Halifax who could do that since George Mulhall. The present manager is certainly no George Mulhall. I live in hope we get a money man who wants a football club as a toy and buys us a bit of success.
  2. Would be but I'm on the bench I'm a trialist.
  3. I ain't buying one until he starts giving a concession to OAP,s like every other club in the world does. Bosomworth thinks all over 65s are rich like him. He can go throw sh!t at himself. I will pick my games.
  4. Stayed very calm that lad, I thought he would Tea off.😄
  5. The players would be 10% more wealthy if they negotiated their own terms, bone idle agents are the scourge of football.
  6. Why have probably our 4 best players from last season gone? Why. Answer a) Manager they don't respect or believe he can take the club forward, or b) simply like all footballers greedy overpaid gits with no loyalty. Take your pick. (Michael Miles and Bob Danvers Walker with the gong yes no interlude).
  7. A broken clock is right twice a day DJ don't get me big headed.😁
  8. Its obvious what's happening Hyde will be sold this week. Our Chairman will depart the club leaving it dept free. The question is who will take over. Whoever it is can't be as bad at appointing poor managers, and having a season ticket roll out without a concession for OAP,s. Bye bye Bosomworth the worst owner/ chairman we've ever had. Just my opinion after supporting Town for 63ish years.
  9. Which side is Kirky commentating on, I will listen to that.😂
  10. Waters is he Champagne or Piss?
  11. Well after attending the Shay for 63 years watching Town, I've finally been priced out. I like a lot of OAP,S simply can't afford it. I will obviously still be a Town supporter, but it will be from my armchair. Again no reduced price for OAP season tickets.
  12. Well the knackered old motorbikes from Cleckheaton game has started so that's the pitch buggered before the season begins. Selfish gits.
  13. In other words he was "wana my arse" like he was at the Shay.
  14. Henderson the most overrated footballer ever. I'd rather play Niall Maher.
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