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  1. Henderson the most overrated footballer ever. I'd rather play Niall Maher.
  2. You've forgot Chadders surely he's involved.
  3. Can someone tell me how many loan players have hartlepool got?
  4. He's taken his wife and kids. He's going to get an ice cream for them all and have have his picture taken with Eric Morecambes statue. Hope weather stays nice for them.
  5. I'd rather have Clarke at the back then Stroller Maher any day. The problems start when you play them both. Before all you Maher fans who think he's the best thing since sliced bread start, if he's so good why aren't we fighting off league clubs who want to sign him?
  6. Keep King, Byrne, Earing, Summerfield, Green,Senior,Hyde get rid of rest including Manager.
  7. We gifted them the winner. Someone had a maher.
  8. Steve what about Stroller, please tell me he's not contracted for another year.
  9. Where is this website that tells you every teams budget, I'd love to have a read of it.
  10. We have got Pete Wild for another 2 seasons like it or not. It won't help knocking him, I know I'm not a big fan but he needs when making future signings to look very hard at players injury records. It has without doubt cost us this season.
  11. So is Wild he likes 4 number 5s and 2 number 3s in a team.
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