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  1. 19.45 now. Usually 2 nil down by now
  2. In addition to that I would put the lad from Huddersfield on the bench No point in potentially at some point having Chadwick a nd Allen up front as we had tonight in the latter stages
  3. Look poor down left wing back Senior does not ever beat a man or pass forward
  4. As a Clarke lover totally his fault
  5. B******s. Watch the game they are running rings round Senior and Bradbury
  6. Did not notice Chadders playing
  7. The report for the non league paper was done by Ashy1966🤩
  8. Ridiculous assessment Clarke,s distribution was far superior to Bradbury and Byrne Clarke was the one telling them to not play deep Fluidity comes from the midfield not from a centre back
  9. Agree T J you are not the only one wanting Clarke on the bench somebody called Ashy1966 agrees with you Hope TSS does score today as breakfast tomorrow in your household will be a sombre affair. Instead of passing the toast to one another you will be hoofing it across the table
  10. Williams giving away too many free kicks
  11. Allen decision making re final pass makes Clarke look like Messi
  12. RIP So sad such a young age, condolences to family
  13. Still waiting for you to tell the forum which stand you thought the rugby club built
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