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  1. It’s their cup final and I’m sure most of them would prefer to beat England than to win the whole thing. We will make chances, if we stick them away we will win. Get wasteful and we could be chasing the game. 4-0 Engerland.
  2. Disappointed but not surprised. Jack is a good player and should do well at that level and maybe above. Good luck Jack.
  3. ok keep Sterling on come to think about it.
  4. Me either particularly Mings. Looking to be running out of ideas. Get Grealish on for Sterling
  5. Lammie


    Led. What a player.
  6. Lammie


    Ladies and Gentlemen. England will be playing 4-4-*%#&@#;&_2. Thank you.
  7. Lammie


    Though Romania could have been level but for probably the best save I have seen this season from our keeper.
  8. Thanks and Good Luck with all you do Danny.
  9. Can’t see us managing to replicate this season’s ten away wins so it will be tough next time round.I thought that today our opponents were not that impressive and we could and should have beaten them. But it was good to get back in the ground and see my first live game in 14 months.
  10. Lammie


    Our first home league opponents when we won promotion in 1998. Beat them 1-0 I think. Now they are in the premier league. Hope for us yet I suppose.
  11. I think in the absence of injuries the choice might be between Earing , Summerfield, King Hyde and Sam. If there was a vote for most improved player it would be Jeff. But my vote is for Sam.
  12. A real curate’s egg of a season. I think today was our 10th away win and I don’t think that we have achieved that in my 50 odd years in watching Town. I think most of us would have been happy with being still in it going into the last game of the season when we kicked off in our first game. But, as has been said, a month ago we were in the driving seat and now rely on other results. We have certainly had our fair share of injuries but I think that at home we could and should have been on the front foot a bit more. Still, to paraphrase Sir George, the fat lady isn’t singing yet and I’m looking
  13. We had a prolific poster then called Bobby Shaftoe. His flamers with Martensite were legendary. Others like Skippers Bits Shaymen Beddy and others were prolific but disappeared unless they are posting under other names.
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