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  1. Best wishes for a quick recovery, Danny.
  2. Been a top player for Town and copped a lot of undeserved stick since he returned to the side after a worrying injury. All the best Nathan whichever direction your career takes.
  3. I'm going to Mars. I've heard it takes your breath away.
  4. Wonder if PW had a punt on the winner of the 2.20 at Redcar today. Nice price at 200/1. 10k of DB's money staked and we could have afforded a new team😂
  5. Nathan had a sound game today. If it was his last game in a Town shirt at least there were fans there to show their appreciation.
  6. Disappointing end to what has been a decent season. Lack of quality has cost us in the end, but we go again next season...with fans.
  7. Tannoy announcements are comedy gold.
  8. We've been much the better side. An early goal second half would be just the job!
  9. If someone had said that we'd still be in the mix at the final game of the season I'd have taken it. Every team can point to what ifs. It's still all to play for.
  10. Big result. Bring on Cheaterfield!
  11. Summerfield looks to have got his mojo back
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