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  1. fez

    Jake Hyde

    Pete Wild speaks out I am writing to help you understand and allay any fears you may have regarding the sale and recruitment of players. As I have continually stressed over the last year we have developed a strict budget and playing structure which allows us to get every penny out of the playing budget. This is firmly driven by me and supported by the Chairman. This will at times see us lose or miss out on certain players, but allows us to maintain our budget and ensure harmony in the squad. Regarding the sale of the two players this week. I’m under no pressure to sell any player at this Club, however every player has a price, coupled with individual player circumstances. Both Neill and Jake have made it known to me during the summer that they would like to move on, for various reasons. When a player says that to me, then I have to work in the best interests of the football club and look to move them on. I’m sure you will agree with me, we only want players here who are committed to making this Club better, not with one eye elsewhere. Of course the financials have to be right and the appropriate figures have been achieved. In my eyes this was excellent business for the football club given the circumstances. The Chairman has always stated to me from day one that any money created from player sales will be reinvested into the playing budget. When you see the term ‘undisclosed fee’ that is normally the request of both clubs involved, not just one. As you would expect, we have already identified and are speaking to clubs and players who we wish to replace those who have left. The Chairman and I will continue to work on our targets and we will make these public as soon as we can. I appreciate that these kinds of situations can make supporters apprehensive and sceptical. With this, all sorts of rumours from people ‘in the know’ will materialise on social media platforms. In my two years at the Club, I have remained open and honest with the fans and today is no different, hence why I thought it was appropriate to deliver this message myself. I hope this mitigates your fears and I can assure you we all remain committed to producing the best squad possible for the new season. Something I am more than confident we will do for the third season in a row. I look forward to seeing you at our friendly games in the coming weeks, and showing off what will be another exciting squad for the 21/22 season. Have a good evening. Pete
  2. Sad news. Worked with Bobby for quite a few years. Once entered a football tournament in Manchester through work and Bobby got his brother and some other ringers involved.
  3. Stockport Chesterfield, Wrexham all throwing the money, rolling the dice before the potential salary cap comes in?
  4. fez


    Feel for Sakha. Should of kept Henderson on, Sterling didn't take one either.
  5. See the Rugby are being allowed to do their own beer sales for tomorrow's game and keep the profits.
  6. Rochdale are talking with a new majority shareholder at the minute but fans are rightly concerned that they will do a bury and asset strip the club. https://www.rochdaleafc.co.uk/news/2021/july/club-statement_07.07.21/
  7. As its a 23 team league is it a 'free week'?
  8. According to North Ferriby twitter crashed into a pitch side block wall following a tackle and they had to wait 2 hours for an ambulance.
  9. fez

    Tik Tok

    Tik Tok been announced as new Wrexham shirt sponsor. Must be worth a few bob that partnership.
  10. Article in the courier with King https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-i-just-want-to-say-a-massive-thank-you-says-king-after-chesterfield-switch-3285910 King added: “There’s no reason why Halifax can’t go to the next level, to League Two, just like I’d like to with Chesterfield. “I just felt like I could really kick on, on a big platform. “I really want to try and get into the Football League, that’s always been my ambition. Also known at pound notes...
  11. fez


    Assume it will be after the AGM. Dover and the other teams have now had their hearings heard so assuming theres no right to appeal and once the playoffs have finished all the teams should be in the right places. In the 19/20 season they were released on the 3rd July with a season start of 3rd August and last year 8th Sep for a 3rd October start.
  12. fez

    Jamie Allen

    Jamie away with the Montserrat team again, playing against US Virgin Islands today then Grenada next week.
  13. Interesting that the rugby have the North Stand open as well. We will be using the East Stand seating area and the North Stand and South stand terraces for standing.
  14. Club have announced South Stand now open and tickets going on general sale. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/the-big-return-25-05-update/
  15. It's following the same pattern as Parkrun has done, and it's taken the government to intervene and tell the over zealous councils to allow those to happen. The council will be scared of any comeback on them. I really don't understand what the issue with opening the standing is.
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