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  1. Some players looked pretty good on the ball second half .. some decent touch pass and move football but it’s the first preseason game after 6 days of Pre season training
  2. Nick


    He didn’t build the chimes restaurant.. we for years had had a really successful sports and social club .. opened 1968? it however had gone down hill for some years .,Rorke spruced it up .. bricks around the outside and made it into a restaurant.. why he thought a restaurant woukd work is beyond me ..
  3. Nick


    Have pondered that one .. my conclusion is that he hasn’t done sandal on the shirts as that would have stopped others .. more the merrier.. and while he has in my opinion put money in he certainly has thrown money at the club .
  4. Nick


    Agree we had had some good chairman and directors over the years that were dealt a bad hand but did well to keep the club going forward DB has done a sound job with a good hand .. but has failed to really build the club and get the best out of the hand he has been dealt
  5. Hoping that some of you who are going will post plenty of info on what is going on
  6. Nick


    How about the sandal advertising etc .. do you think he would be putting up adverts at the shay if he didn’t own both .. and putting it through as sandal advertising makes it more tax efficient.. so not zero evidence.. its right in front of your eyes .. That said he is not throwing money at the club .. but he is putting money in ..
  7. Nick


    Big if at the end there… if he is not putting any money in then fair enough .. but I am convinced he is, in the tens of thousands .. but not the half million - million a year that some on here want.
  8. Nick


    What way am I wanting it all ways.. ?
  9. Nick


    Really read all the posts saying how we should be spending more or just critisising the size of our budgets.. many want us to spend more while cutting season ticket costs
  10. Nick


    He might not plough money in but he does put money in .. just take the sandall advertising as one example ..and then I am sure he dips his hand in his pocket too .. those that complain the most about his tenure argue for bigger player budgets lower season ticket costs etc the numbers don’t balance already under him we make a “managed” loss most years yes we could survive without him .. but I suspect it would be with smaller budgets
  11. Nick


    No it will be all those on here who have been telling us how he has been doing it all wrong .. and how we need to speculate to accumulate
  12. Nick


    Start of a new season .. yet again a prediction of it being DBs last .. eventually this prediction will be right .. and then we will get the I told you so …
  13. While I don’t disagree .. I was surprised that year more regulars didn’t buy tickets .. and in the end the club looked at the numbers and with revenue being down returned to normal ticketing approach
  14. My sense is they normally expect 400-500 ST .. think that’s why the season they sold for 199 and got less than a thousand sold they were disappointed and the in the end the total gate revenue was down for the season so they reverted back to normal pricing …
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