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  1. I have said the same thing, definitely prefer Clarke not to start, same for Allen as well ., just wondered about the stats as I had not seen any
  2. Wonder what’s the stats are for Clarke starting v not in the team
  3. I can accept that one as a blip .. but this late in the season and Playing those around us.. not just losing to bromley wrexham and boreham .. but the way we lost.. we just couldn’t be bothered..
  4. Boreham wood bromley wrexham were the disasters
  5. You are right .. but there is a risk that even if we do we can still miss out
  6. I agree with you there .. it did matter to him .. perhaps too much ?
  7. As destiny is no longer in our hands the games to night have more importance.. The only one that gives me any hope is Maidenhead v notts co .. a draw maybe can’t see anything other games going out way
  8. Nick

    James Dean

    Tried to find the courier match summary of that game ... seemed to remember it had a great description of JD from that game and how he just destroyed their back line
  9. My player comment is limited to one Jamie Allen decent when chasing a ball gets in good positions but final choice can let him down now my real frustrations and this are more about tactics and how he is used plays too wide .. doesn’t play off the shoulder of, or support hyde in any way and balls played to his feet when he has his back to goal are just a waste of time .. think he lost possession of every single one yesterday he is simply not a starter, a good sub option when he can run at tired defenses.. having said that nobody can hold up there heads ftom yes
  10. Nick

    James Dean

    So sad .. it puts everything else into Perspective .. He was a honest player and a fans favourite .. embodied everything we wanted town player RIP James
  11. If by chance the FL found in there favour .. think you could expect the national league suing on behalf of all the clubs to cover the costs of running a season with no out come .. as clubs only voted to continue on the basis of promotion and have borrowed lots of money to keep the league going.., think it will be cheaper to kick them out
  12. Williams for senior and Stephenson for the departed Chadwick, Clarke on the bench or May be earing for a twenty minute cameo
  13. Yep and you even posted on the Billy’s gone thread
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