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  1. You can offer new deals but if the agent or player are not interested it doesn’t matter.
  2. What time does coach leave from Calder😉
  3. Thought we played a back 4 and not wing backs
  4. Good luck hope he does well like Ben did for us
  5. Sat on fence so no point him attending
  6. TJ ,Steve, and Ash will be meeting with Wild during the week to discuss players and the budget
  7. I went to my sons wedding and I couldn’t get anyone to have my season ticket on loan
  8. Is that Southowram in to Exley
  9. steady on old man you’ve got a long walk home
  10. Chesterfield are going to get him on loan and furlough Danny Rowe
  11. Remember going to Crewe and a certain supporter tied the ball boys coat to the fence while the young lad was sat down watching the game. And the same supporter is in the picture but this time at the back of the stand
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