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  1. Nicky Spooner joins the youth set up
  2. I don not think we could bring Phill McCarthy for obvious reasons
  3. Most top european teams would take Foden in heartbeat
  4. Agree with Chadders pointless post
  5. most on chesterfield site take us for a win they can not see them scoring one even wants Boden back
  6. If you need to book a train tickets it would be handy to know what the clubs thinking is
  7. When are the club going to announce what the plans are for last league game of the season are we allowed to attend.
  8. Yeovils captain Lee Gollins dies at the age of 32 rip, condolences to his Family.
  9. I wonder what the difference is in finances between screening and what we get paid by BT
  10. Just win never like going there
  11. nothing new TJ thinks we will get beat.
  12. A great performance only wished we had been there but what a crap Ref he books Maher for something and nothing but lets thier Captain get away with some thing a lot worse Southern based Refs we should be used to them
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