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  1. I as said on a different thread today I was talking to one of our former players, as well as a student podiatrist he is chief scout at Hull City. He told me he actually doesn't enjoy games anymore and much prefers non league football where you can still tackle. Further up the pyramid you go the more non contact it becomes.
  2. Just been to Huddersfield University podiatry clinic re my foot. Student who saw me was mature student. Asked him what he had done before becoming a student and he said he was a professional footballer. Said he played for us although I couldn't remember him. He made 3 appearances 95/96 season before going to Dagenham. Nice guy had a long chat about the Shaymen and his career.
  3. This completely puts saturday in perspective does it matter really. A true legend at our club RIP James
  4. Perhaps Southend should take this further. As Bury didn't start last season surely their relegation from League 1 is null and void as they only had points per game based on 44 games and not the 46 they expecting.
  5. Some Grimsby and southend win their appeal. Then the relegated clubs from league 1 appeal as there's no relegation from league 2 and so on. Basically you'd end up with a legal nightmare. These clubs are a joke.
  6. No season tickets have been issued however I have card for certain seats for me and my mate we formed a bubble. To be honest this will be so much hassle and not a normal match experience I may give it a miss and stream it. I haven't suspended my season ticket so club won't be out of pocket.
  7. No Yeovil forum bit of a mystery I haven't foubd it either.
  8. Reading our rivals and the relegated teams forums they don't rate us at all. Thats strange really as assuming Notts County continue to blow up we'll be the only team in the play offs from last year. Thats if we qualify.
  9. Really happy with our performances this weekend. Saturday exactly what I expected. Both our flair players out team set up for goaless draw or narrow win. Beaten by mistake converted by league one striker. Don't see how Pete could have set up any other way Saturday. Today team spot on really goid performance.
  10. Alex Smith 1982 he left the club circ 1976
  11. If I remember this board continually slated JF for either not picking Cam or subbing him at strange points in a game. Well now we know why unfortunately he has some sort of health problem which won't go away. A fully fit Cam would at least be in league one.
  12. Was on the Woking forum earlier this week and they couldn't understand why there was no local radio commentary. Poor souls were looking on Radio Leeds.
  13. Just watching this Woking suddenly tiring
  14. This league is getting interesting. Champions one of the top 3 Stockport 4th. The remaining 3 places are between us Wrexham Chesterfield Notts County Eastleigh and Bromley. When these teams play each other its anybodies game but the away side seems to get the better results. We now have only 2 of our close rival to play, the rest of the league seem to have given up so I think we can get 15 points from those games. 71 should get us in the play offs then its anybodies for the 2nd promotion place
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