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  1. Because many clubs are spending far more than their incomes.
  2. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it just happens abs on the back of a good season again for us, players we going to get picked up. King and Earing the prime targets. But we move on
  3. Because that’s where we are in the food chain sadly. Many clubs can offer our players what we can’t. Look at Tom Denton! A decent player for us, not a world beater and yet Chesterfield offer him £1700 a week! We simply cannot compete with that
  4. When do our friendlies start? They are more entertaining!
  5. If we had been promoted and someone offered him a couple of hundred quid extra a month he still wouldn’t be here. Anyone seen his interview with Walsall? So welcome Jack, why did you choose Walsall? Errmmmmmmm Says it all! For him and King, they had one good season and they’ve gone at the first opportunity. See you later lads.
  6. Most of them do to the press.
  7. Johnson so far. Not difficult to understand is it
  8. No we had a great squad that got decimated with injuries, add some quality to that and we will be fine.
  9. It says those that aren’t under contract have been offered new deals apart from Williams and Lazarus Johnson has signed his, the others haven’t yet. Simple really
  10. Ash


    Great news! Superb and safe hands for this level!
  11. We only atained that amount because we had no strikers and played last seasons top 6!
  12. We aren’t far off, hence why we’ve beaten most of these teams this season. We just didn’t have the squad size to deal with the injuries which leads to inconsistency.
  13. Ash

    Jeff King

    Weren’t you one of them who called him a liability last season?
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