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  1. Get well soon Danny. You have the heart of a lion.
  2. Thanks for all your help Ben. Top bloke.
  3. I was just wondering if it is a coincidence that RAT POO HELL is an anagram for Hartlepool ?
  4. Much sadness at this news, particularly on Merseyside. At the Hillsborough disaster appeal there was an auction and Gerry bought an oil painting of Boris Becker that my mother painted and donated. I believe Gerry gave the painting to his daughter. Rest in Peace Gerry.
  5. I have gone for the "defer to following season " option for 2 adult tickets. Personally I can't see us being allowed back this season. I hope I am wrong about that. I will be paying to stream all home games on a match by match basis in the meantime.
  6. My son advised me to use Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge. Chrome worked fine.
  7. Hesperus

    No fans

    Apparently this is so they know who has had seats allocated.
  8. Hesperus

    No fans

    I've just checked my 2 season tickets ..they say cancelled !!
  9. We used to call Tommy "The flying pig"
  10. I got 2 adult tickets. (BTM won't be happy because there are no OAP concessions !)
  11. In reply to Monk.... They said people on the day would be issued with a ticket, all tickets have seat numbers so Yes.
  12. We got our tickets this morning...Block C .Quite happy with where we are placed in theory. Can't wait to chat to the charming usherette who will escort us to our seats. If the weather stays fine I might even ask for a choc ice. I am seriously looking forward to this match. Win ,lose or draw.......To see a full stadium will bring a tear to my eye. IO Shaymen !
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