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  1. Same, when that hit the post I knew that we'd lost the momentum. If that had gone in I'm sure we would have won. I remember a study from a few years ago that said taking pens first in a shootout is a big advantage. When you're taking the (potentially) last penalty in a shootout, a much higher percentage of penalties were scored when it was a 'score this and you win the game', as opposed to 'you need to score this or else you'll lose'. It was all tied up with the proposal to go to the ABBA format that they use in tennis, which was supposed to negate that disadvantage of going second as each team has the opportunity to go ahead on the number of kicks taken.
  2. England and Italy have been the two best sides in the competition, easily, and are both in the final on merit. End of.
  3. Definitely, that one in normal time was blatant. Don’t know how it wasn’t given, more of a pen than the one that was given. Doesn’t matter now, we were probably just the better side over 120 mins, and we’re in the final.
  4. Getting a top 10 hit is about money, pure and simple. So actually, come to think of it, almost exactly like football!
  5. The best thing about this England squad, though, is how young they all are. This is a squad that could dominate world football for the next 6-8 years, like Spain did from sort of 2008-12.
  6. England are the team to beat in the tournament now. Italy looked great in the groups, but have looked beatable in the lockouts. Spain have been good in flashes. Denmark have showed spirit after what happened to Eriksson, but England have just got better and better. 5 clean sheets to start the tournament, the first time that’s ever been done in Euros history.
  7. This is a great performance from England. We’ve just got better with each stage of the tournament. I said the previous game against the Germans was our best of the tournament so far, this one has eclipsed that by some distance.
  8. People say that 2018 was fine, but the 2 times we came up against good opposition in Belgium (x2) and Croatia we lost on all 3 occasions. They can't say that this time - Croatia are still a good side, albeit an ageing one on the down, and Germany are not at their best, but still have a bunch of world class players in their side. We beat them both comfortably, along with a relatively comfortable win over the Czechs. The only 'blot' on the record so far is the draw against Scotland, and even that is a minor one.
  9. This is the best chance we've had in years at reaching a major final, and potentially winning a tournament. We are clear favourites to reach the final, but we can't take the opposition lightly, they're all here on merit now.
  10. I think that was the best all round performance of the tournament so far from England. Not a ‘classic’, but we were solid for the most part, created some chances, and most importantly took a couple of them. First half was cagey, Germans had the better of the opening 10/15 mins, but we settled after that. A good save from each keeper, and level at the break. Second half we were a bit more ruthless and finally got the goal. Muller with a golden chance to level it straight after, but somehow managed to slide it wide of the post. From that point on they never had a sniff. yes, Germany are not the powerhouse they used to be, but they are still a damn good side on their day, and to beat them with relative ease in a knockout game is still pretty special. This is the best chance we’ve ever had at winning a major tournament - France out, Portugal out. Belgium, Spain, and Italy all on the other side of the draw.
  11. France out then, who saw that coming? Interestingly, both games today followed very similar patterns in the 90 mins - underdogs take a surprise early lead, before being pegged back and the favourites take a 3-1 lead. Into the last 10, the losing side get one back. A late, late, late equaliser to make it 3-3.
  12. That's what I thought too.
  13. Don't forget the Yorkshire Pirlo Danny Rachhi
  14. I'd expect it at jobs outside football too tbh - you get offered a new contract which involves less responsibility and less work, why would you expect the same amount of pay in that situation unless you're going to be doing something else alongside that? For example, Clarke has roughly the same wage offered, but whilst the playing time is reduced it comes with additional coaching/ambassadorial duties.
  15. At half time I thought Italy would go on and get 2/3/4 goals, and could have scored a couple in the first half. Austria were much the better side second half, unlucky that they were so slightly offside for the ‘goal’, but it was the correct decision. A couple of moments of quality for Italy to win in in extra time, but they didn’t look anything like the same side as they were in the group stages. They looked beatable for the first time.
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