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  1. No, I don't see Clarke playing with us next season. I really hope we can keep him in a coaching role, as I think he would be really valuable. Hasn't he been taking some coaching courses over the last couple of years?
  2. Agreed, they'd lose more money through people not contributing out of resentment than they would by keeping the money.
  3. I was a big advocate of Clarke coming back, as generally in the past we have been more solid with him in the team than when he was left out. However, it unfortunately hasn't panned out that way. He's not the only reason for the poor run of results - other injuries and individual mistakes have also contributed - but I do think we may be better off with him on the bench in the final 3 games. He still has a role to play, but not starting at the moment.
  4. It’s still in our own hands - Wrexham can overtake us by winning their game in hand, but we play Chesterfield, so will move above them by winning the last 3. In addition, Notts play Bromley on Saturday, so there’s points to be dropped there. Then Notts play Wrexham on the 18th, more points to be dropped by one of them. Then on the final day it’s Bromley v Notts again. I think only one of Bromley or Notts will get in the play offs, depending on how their 2 games go. I think a win against Chesterfield on the final day and one other win from the next 2 would be enough. Hopefully we win
  5. If we win all 3 games we will finish above Chesterfield, due to playing them. Our fate is still in our own hands.
  6. I think we will manage it, with 2 of the last 3 being away from home. Win those and we'll make it.
  7. If refs stopped falling for players' play acting then they would stop doing it because there's no point. VAR is ridiculous at times - Kane's goal against Leeds at the weekend was disallowed because he was half a toenail offside when they drew the lines, which is not the kind of decisions that VAR was brought in for. However, I would note on that one that it was called offside on the field, so even without VAR it wouldn't have stood, so in that respect they would have got the same result as if they'd done what I think they should do with offsides - look at it for 10 seconds max, one shot, no li
  8. Would it be completely ridiculous to consider naming one of the stands after him?
  9. Town legend. Hope he's ok.
  10. I cried a lot on that day after the game. I would have been 10 or 11.
  11. In general I do think there is a big bias from BT towards southern clubs, but also looking at those 3 games you can't complain too much given how the title race is shaping up. If that is still up for grabs on the last day then I would expect one of those 2 teams to be the live game, but if that's settled then us v Chesterfield could well be the selected game, especially if one of both of us still need a win to get a play off spot.
  12. Having to only win 2 games instead of 3 is a big advantage, theoretically.
  13. We were in a rut before the season was paused, but after a 3 month break I think that kind of eliminates form on a lot of levels, more so if you were previously in good form, maybe. The break between the final game of the season and the play offs starting was more than a normal close season gap, and you largely say that the break between seasons wipes the slate clean in terms of form.
  14. Not really sure any team in the play offs could be considered to be in form or out of form last season, given that they'd had a 3 month break since they last played a competitive game.
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