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  1. So it was a firm but fair tackle that the ref saw otherwise and he challenged the ref...sounds like dissent to me
  2. When is Heath going to get a grip on the discipline, bookings for dissent are criminal with the chance of a second yellow resulting in a red. We haven't got 11 fit to play without additional suspensions thru "dissent"
  3. So that's 9 mercenaries or 9 journeymen on the way to an easy retirement? Not a good thing either way.
  4. Time to let this go now. Game day so focus on the match. Continuing to go on about this is making our fans look a little silly, like spoilt children. We are not the first and won't be the last to experience a shortage of tickets for big games Those going enjoy, those not going save your energy and voices for the 2nd leg
  5. So we should by now know who these morons are, so how come they are on the coaches?
  6. You are quite correct Flea, there is a 2.5hr window in the first week in August so the club has fully complied with its promise to sell them in that first week and I am sure the club has contingencies in place when all 800-1000 purchasers turn up in the first week of August to collect them.
  7. Excuses when solutions are needed
  8. So let's assume there are 1000 tickets sold in a combination of adult,youths, and kids versions. Each ticket receipt will need to be checked, payment validated, goodie bag for some, not for others, ticket issued and transactionrecorded as complete. If, and its a big if, they can do that in a single minute then it will take just shy of 17 "man" hours to complete ....provided there is always someone in the queue waiting to be processed and the packs are all ready to be issued and there is some one to issue them I hope they rethink about opening on Sunday or they have found a spare tre
  9. Open at the weekend....but not Sunday when most people would be free to go to collect, assume they must all be at Church
  10. The reason the offer stops at the end of July is that they then get a single batch printed, it is apparently very expensive to print such ticket books according to reports on here. Keeping it open into August would either involve the extra expense of printing a few extras, or those that have bought will have to wait and miss a couple of games of the season without a ticket...which would be silly ....but this is the Shay. They would have printed and distributed tickets to those already having purchased surely if the cost of printing was negligible...unless the "withdrawal clause" th
  11. The arrangements "proposed"are collect from the Shay "early August". Tickets can be ordered upto the end of July I believe. When does the first home game kick off? Early August? So not many days to get them printed and then to divvy them up to the masses before the first game kicks off. I have never had to queue as this will be my first season ticket in 55 seasons of watching the club, bought in the post Wembley euphoria. This close season has been a massive improvement on any of the previous 55 seasons ( well those I can remember) but with just a little bit more effort it c
  12. I don't understand why they aren't available to collect at the time of purchase....ie print in advance of them being released for sale why they can't be posted out at the time of purchase...as above why they can't be posted out at some date(s) close to the start of the season. They know in advance the number of home games they will be playing and so could order proportion of the 1700 (the target number) sets of tickets in advance and any sets not used are destroyed at some point after the first game of the season.( Mr B can personal supervise the bonfire) The pr
  13. Slow down you are getting in front of yourselves now..........we've not got this year's yet. Let them focus on coming up with a cunning plan to enable people to collect their ST from the Shay without having to spend ages queuing outside the Shay on one wet Wednesday night between 6 and 8pm.
  14. There's two in jail, one is from Huddersfield, the other from Halifax. Hopefully neither have any connections with the Shay.
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