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  1. Shayite 432


    We will have this answer the day the chairman has had enough and puts the club up for sale. We could even have someone come in and run the club better, and progress us further than DB has got us. This seems to be too difficult a concept for some to grasp, in their belief that we can't get better than what we have now. We can.
  2. Hartlepool got smashed by Gateshead on Saturday, I wonder if they think they should have started later
  3. But this chairman won't allow anyone else to invest in his club as he would have to yield total control. Is this one man band a route for progress as we are seeing now? Why does he not have share issue to get people to invest, that's one way of raising money?
  4. The new commercial guy's chances of attracting new fans have been knacked by the ST price for newbies. The best thing he can do is have a word with the chairman, to reduce the prices for new ST's and reduce matchday price back to £20
  5. Just like Derby eh? Chesterfield have broken no League rules. The EFL have been beaten by Derby's clever accountants .
  6. I agree re furlough, however we have been too reticent to take any chances and have missed opportunities through inertia for many years now, it really grates when clubs like Harrogate can sail past us into the League
  7. Isn't this the English lower division version not the white haired Welsh one?
  8. Me also, but we have to find a middle ground in order for the club to progress on the field. The team are in the same position as when he took over, thus we have this made no progress there.
  9. Agreed. We can criticise Chesterfield all we want for their creative accounting efforts, but behind this is a real desire to get back in the league with an expectation that when they do it they will have increased revenues and be able to pay off debts accrued. We are a risk averse club with little desire from the boardroom. However we have a good manager who is expected to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, who will leave as soon as he gets a better offer from a more ambitious club
  10. I admire your optimism, but the cynic in me believes that this is just a pointless initiative to be seen to be doing something. As long as creative accountancy exists there will be efforts to circumvent the rules, see Chesterfield last season with furlough. EFL still he have to make decision on Derby situation, last I heard a couple of weeks ago both they and Wycombe both have a set of fixtures drawn up for both Championship and League 1. It's a messy situation that the EFL are having to make decisions on taking such sanctions as possibly retrospectively docking a club points and relegating a club on the eve of the following season, but after Bury, Macc etc what choice do they have? And more importantly for us will the Nat League have to go down this road?
  11. Shayite 432

    Tik Tok

    I can't believe the media they have got for this deal. Not as if it they will be matching Man U's global franchising multi zillion quid set up. I just can't see the Hollywood lads cutting a ribbon in the opening of Wrexham Kuala Lumpur megastore anytime soon
  12. Cheaterfield are set to be announced as the chair of ethics committee
  13. Utter rubbish re: ST's. If the club were really concerned about informing fans they could have tweeted that they were waiting for decisions to be voted on at league AGM, before making a decision on prices. Keep the excuses coming
  14. So how will any if us ever know if we are solvent/ being run correctly if we can see at least the abridged accounts?
  15. I'm not sure that the feel-good factor of England winning Euro's will extend to us. The world has changed so much 55 years after the 1966 triumph, when crowds spiked for a few years. The BOD wrongly thought they could sell 3000 cheap ST' s on the back of the 10 000 who went to the Wembley victory. The fact may be have been that some spent in excess of the ST price for the big day out, but that does not extend to a season long commitment. Who but the very committed wants to turn out on a freezing January evening anyway?
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