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  1. RIP Deano. 💔
  2. Load of rubbish. You just don't like us. Simple as that.
  3. At least we have an opinion.
  4. Hope you are right mate.
  5. Williams is far better than Woods. He is a passenger nearly every game. Corner kicks are atrocious.
  6. Exactly right. Change of tactics is going to cost us our play off place.
  7. Erik Everhard is never off the FC Halifax Town group on Facebook. He appears as his proper name.
  8. Better to have an opinion right or wrong. Than just hide in the bushes & say nothing.
  9. Be realistic. How many expected that result? When they saw that team selection. Not one person said that team selection was right.
  10. What a sad life you must lead.
  11. Love to get Hartlepool in the play offs.
  12. Rather have an opinion. Unlike yourself takes the easy option. Read what I have said about Wild after today, s game. Don't read what you want to read.
  13. It’s not about scoring cheap points against each other. Its all about our team winning football matches.
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