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  1. So bad that it's good. An Acapulco carpet of a shirt.
  2. Love this new away kit. Absolute beauty!
  3. This is the straw I'm clutching at. That and the fact we've still got Luke Summerfield, one of the best center mids in the league.
  4. Wild's gonna have to do a Wilder. Only a loan market masterclass will make our season better than a tight rub with relegation.
  5. Nah, he retired because he knew the chances of him being properly involved in the Kane centric, one striker England system were slim, and that the young speedy boys flanking Kane were always going to get their priority. That's still a shame, because I don't think it's beyond us to have a different striker system for games where our one attacking formation doesn't really work out. England's plan A and plan B just involved playing with an extra center-back and freeing the wing-backs, or having 4 at the back and having a bigger gap between defence and midfield. I long for the return of two strikers and 4-4-chuffing-2.
  6. *rolls up sleeve* In the left arm please, Doc.
  7. Southgate is both the best England manager since Bobby Robson as well as tactically fallible, but as he's set up such a platform for us to push on he absolutely deserves the right to learn from his mistakes which I'm sure he's soberly aware of. I'm still a bit queasy about the manner of defeat, and I was wondering what's causing me to find it so hard to stomach, and I think it's the fact that Jordan Pickford produced perhaps the greatest penalty save of the tournament to stop Jorginho, and yet that went all down the pan of history with Saka's miss (poor lad). I expect with the knowledge we can get this far and the collective hunger to go one further, and the incentive that every English player will have over the next season to be part of the England team will make us even stronger the next time out. Said it before, but ffs, why does it have to be in bloody Qatar? It's good thing I'll have the Shaymen to distract me with their dazzling, non-league joga bonito when that world cup comes around.
  8. I hope it continues. And if I was living close enough to attend home games week in week out I would be down the Shay every time. The atmosphere, the togetherness you feel from being there, you cannot stream that experience.
  9. Harry Maguire's camera-smashing penno reminded me of a certain Shay legend against Gateshead and Salford. 👌
  10. Bloody hell, I hate it when the *tactical* criticism of Southgate is vindicated. Shoulda woulda coulda. Whatever. But these lads have a bright future and will have it in them to go one better in the next 4 years. It was the best tournament of my life and I'm grateful for Southgate and every man Jack (Grealish) for making it possible. I just wish the next World Cup wasn't being held in the winter in a country where they've slaved upwards of 7000 people to death for the sake of staging the tournament. I want to boycott it, but I know I'll be peeping through my fingers to see if the boys are getting the success they deserve.
  11. In terms of having a like for like replacement of such high quality in so many positions, and with the extra substitutions allowed in this tournament, we do have an advantage despite how good Italy still are.
  12. What a day. This is what dreams are made of. Never thought I'd see England get this far. We have to win it now. Our overall squad is stronger than Italy's, so I hope Southgate makes his subs right, cos the longer the game goes on the stronger we should be. Come on England!
  13. Luke Shaw is involved in both goals and does a solid job both in defence and attack and only gets a 6? Also I love Raheem more than anyone, but he gets an 8 from me. Pickford, Walker, Stones, Maguire all 9, Phillips, Rice, Sterling, Shaw 8, the rest, 7.
  14. Certainly setting themselves up as the team that everyone would love to beat next season.
  15. What a magical night. And reading the thread was just like with Town matches. "Rubbish! Get him off! Usel- GOALLLL!" 3 more massive performances needed. But we look so solid. I can't see anyone scoring against us, even if we play as if we've got a slow-motion ray zapping the pace from the game. Rather have that than the spectacular but highly risky football that got France knocked out the night before. Southgate you're the one! You still turn me on! Football's coming home again!
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