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  1. If Wrexham win all their games, they'll take 3 points from Notts County. If Notts County win theirs they'll take 3 points off Wrexham and 6 points off Bromley (2 draws for Notts County and Bromley would be brilliant for us). Chesterfield would have to beat us. Eastleigh would have to win all their remaining games to stand a chance, 2 of which are against Borehamwood and Solihull. Win our matches and the rest will take themselves out. I know we probably won't win all three, but still.
  2. How can we possibly still miss out on the playoffs if we win our last three games?
  3. I'd forgotten that incident, but it really was outrageous that he got a 9 match ban. I mean, one of the many admirable things about Deano was his ability to be an absolute beast on the field and a gentleman off the field. If he did lose his cool in this case it wasn't anything so over the top to warrant a ban that really damaged his and our season. Anyway, more positive memories. One thing that has always frustrated me is how his second goal against Colwyn Bay was never really caught on camera despite being perhaps the best goal scored by a new club. If I recall correctly, from a t
  4. 2 out of 3 wins will do, especially if one of those wins is against Chesterfield on the last day. Chesterfield have to play King's Lynn, Dag & Red and us. Notts County and Bromley play each other twice, then Notts County v Wrexham and Aldeshot v Bromley. Wrexham then have Borehamwood, King's Lynn and Dagenham and Redbridge. It's a strange mini league with Dag & Red being the king makers.
  5. The only match I enjoyed watching in lockdown was Marine v Spurs. Not because of the match itself, which wasn't too shabby for what it's worth, but because of the strange spectacle of Marine's ground being surrounded by houses and gardens full of people who created a memorable atmosphere. Without an atmosphere, provided you aren't already emotionally invested in the team you're watching, there really is nothing to keep you from yawning.
  6. I'll never get tired of reading this. You'll always be with us Deano!
  7. How about we have an annual Deano Day? It could be on the match day closest to the 10th of April, the date when Deano wrote his name into Shaymen folklore with an awe-inspiring performance that sent us on our way to the title. We should use the day to remember the legend of Deano and, while we're at it, to raise funds for his family and for male mental health charities like Andy's Man Club, so that we have places to go where we can take time out from the world and all its problems, let out the pain that we keep bottled up, and have friends or psychologists willing to help us get through o
  8. He was only 35. I'm devastated. Life is too hard to bear sometimes, even for a true legend. What a player and what a life he had. We need to honour his legacy with a mural or something down the Shay where everyone who saw him play will love and remember him for many decades more. Rest in peace Deano.
  9. This is so troubling. He is such a lovely fella. I remember when we beat Droyslden in the FA Cup via a characteristic Deano bullet header that put the tie to bed in the last minute. A goal that resounded that the Shaymen were back, in the same place where the old club suffered one of its last humiliating defeats just a couple of years beforehand. We all ran onto the pitch, and I remember going up to him and just staring up at him in sheer adoration and saying 'Are you God?' and him just smiling back and laughing. Just a lovely man and an incredible footballer. I really hope he's saf
  10. I know today was very poor, but it's all relative to the high standards we've set ourselves as play off chasers. Of course we should be aiming for promotion, but I find the knife-sharpening here a bit over the top. Personally I'd be running out of patience if we were at the bottom of the table. I have considerably more patience when I know we're still in it to win it and that performances like today's are just far, far below the standard we've proven in the season so far. We have 3 games in which to put this right and get that play off place and then I want to see us give it our all in t
  11. There can't be any excuses for today, we were beaten by the better team, we played poorly and there is nowhere to hide from that. We need a truly honest dressing down about this and next week we need to play like how we started playing against Torquay away, with not a care about whether we lose or not but just going for it to get a goal, and the next goal. I know injuries aren't in our favour but our squad is evenly balanced and players should be capable of stepping up when called upon and capable of seizing their place in the starting 11. Today is the last day where we can fee
  12. Well, good sliding block from Nial Maher there. But what a terrible day, could not have gone worse with injuries and suspensions added on. Bloody hell.
  13. We've picked up the points though, but we do need to take it up a gear. Minimum 6 points from 9 now or we can just forget the playoffs and rest for next season. The players will know that and that will make a difference, it has to make a difference, it would honestly be shocking if it didn't.
  14. Well exactly. We'll have to be up for it and at our best. There just doesn't seem to be the required urgency today but this'll be the last time we can just turn up before the season's over.
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