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  1. Frank was an exciting signing for us , unfortunately after a bad injury never the same again . R.I.P
  2. Come on someone , scroll back and name and shame the “Know it alls “ who criticised Peter’s team selection and tactics! Brilliant, well done town
  3. There are lots of children still attending school this time round. A friend in West Yorks told me they had widened the “Keyworker definition!” In their school a parent brings their child in as she is a “Key worker,” she works in Greggs!
  4. Wasn’t Gilchrist at F C United then Southport?
  5. haldo

    Nyal Bell

    Jacob Blyth formerly of Barrow released today by Altrincham . Mentioned a while ago, a stopgap ? Or too injury prone .
  6. haldo

    Kings Lynn

    I would have gone to the match as a football ground”Collector.” I am not keen on our streaming service , no close ups .I haven’t tried anyone else’s . it is difficult to make some of the harsh judgements some of you you make on individual players , whilst watching them through a “Telescope!”
  7. I remember after a Dagenham game going with him to a pub in Plaistow . A real character! R.I P.
  8. haldo

    FA Cup

    He is playing a more central midfield role for Hayes . I saw him play for them at Poole Town . He has just about found his level.
  9. I too was at Crossley’s from ‘67-74. There were lots of Town fans there . When we infamously Lost 2-1 to Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup, one lad organised a coach to the match.
  10. He is probably only after “Cheap electricity “ or their tasty vegan pies !
  11. I live 268 miles away but had one last season attending 12 home games . Just renewed now but do “Feel a little bit mugged !” In the end I showed willing and after a long lockdown I am determined to attend enough games to “Break even !” The guarantee of away tickets also a big draw. The signings so far seem good , Onwards and upwards!
  12. Just booked a ticket to watch a friend play for Poole Town at New Milton Town tomorrow! Paid by credit card or Paypal, 51 tickets left! Littler clubs than us can do it! # Silversurfer!
  13. They normally filter down ,trials at Championship , leagues 1 and 2. Then non League. We picked up Lois Maynard that way!
  14. I am waiting to see the return of Ross Clegg! He will add something to our midfield!
  15. No mention of this deal anywhere ? Have we been gazumped?
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