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  1. Id read 1700 as the figure but all semantics. Their fans had earmarked our fixture as the one they were going for a big day out. A lot of traffic on their forums saying how they love visiting Halifax for the numbers of pubs.
  2. Wow. Cheers, Im on it. 3 years ago today me and the other Chippendales were in Budapest. The Stars are aligned.
  3. Just give me and @scampyharrisa few racing tips instead!
  4. 3 trains an hour from Preston.
  5. Please have a very long sleep
  6. Probably just moan people are picking on him.
  7. I'd prefer 11 captains on the pitch but I get what your saying
  8. No, you're not the only one. I just had to google who Sako was!
  9. It will be interesting to see if that happens on Saturday watching the game live.
  10. As after the Bradford fire, a completely over zealous restriction in our ground capacity. Then playing Colchester at layer road, stood against a wooden crush barrier in a wooden stand.
  11. The glass half empty side of me feared the worst when Guy Ipoua came on for them.
  12. & Howard Gayle (non playing sub)
  13. The run in is going to be very interesting with the number of fixtures between the promotion/play off clubs. Sutton appear to have a breeze of a run in so expect them top. Tight between hartlepool and Torquay. The latter with a tougher run in but games in hand, also may see Stockport bridge the gap on those 2. Wrexham's run in looks ok for them. As for the clubs below us, all of Chesterfield, Bromley and Notts County have a tough fixture list. However, there'll be bumps, bruises and surprises on the way.
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