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  1. Not bad that! Then there was the rest of us going, “Oh he’s brilliant, I think he’ll go on to play for a Burton Albion or even a Doncaster”
  2. After one of the FA Cup games for us Chesh interviewed him asking how far the Shaymen would go this season and he came straight back with “At least semi-finals”. Ten years too late, but it shows that Leicester can gerrit on t'deck and then some. And it’s ten years on that Vardy’s still reaching new heights, which none of us saw coming.
  3. Comic Sans emblem at the back with an uncapitalised “I” doesn’t give me much confidence it’s real
  4. I’d really like to see that happen. It’s a perfectly good set of pre-season fixtures for anyone in that make-up. Seeing as Tom Baker’s also talking up the idea of a Chorley vs. Town testimonial at the Shay it sounds like some fixture or fixtures will come by in his memory, and it depends on which carries the most power.
  5. Yes, this is summat that’s repeated in my head for the past 24 hours or so. He was absolutely mint for us, but there was never a sense that we were a transitional club before his big break. One memorable Deano moment was at that Ossett Albion game, when his dad was going around the ground declaring his son was staying with us for another season and some of the crowd started singing, “Deano’s dad’s a legend, nah nah nah nah!” And neither did we have the belief that he was an everyday, utilitarian semi-pro, only a means to the end of returning to Conference football. His three-season stint
  6. I would also be in favour of a pre-season mini-tournament between us, and all the other clubs in our wider region where he made his mark. Make this an opportunity for togetherness and friendship beyond rivalries and competition.
  7. Just come back home but Christ, this is unspeakably sad. RIP Deano, you will always be loved and you will always be a Shay legend. I may have to write more later but I’ll certainly read your tributes on here. May you, your family, your friends and us fans all find peace. Edit: I’ve written this elsewhere but despite the more general context, would like to share some fond memories. George, the PA man at the Shay, would call him James Deano Dean. He was one of the first legends of the reformed Halifax Town. And this week, we lost him from this world. He was 35. I'd say it a
  8. Bollocks. That’s what you get. Set up a direct debit to them.
  9. Sammy Johnson’s in the form of his career.
  10. Once again, take a bow Sammy. Another super save!
  11. I’d hope we stick on Earing for as long as his fitness can currently manage.
  12. We’re playing decent, very straightforward football with a bit of aggression. More than comfortable in defence but let’s start finding those openings and charging again. This is in our hands.
  13. I reckon if we Winfrey of our final six we’ll get there.
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