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  1. I can never get excited about any of this to be fair. If we do well support increase. If we dont it stays at similar levels. I dont think we can preempt that. We will sign some decent players, the vibe seems good, thats the important thing
  2. Yorkshire have been awful! Unlike us, they need a new coach. I had two days up at Durham, the wicket was dodgy but seems to have settled now. Great being in a sports ground again.
  3. Have sent you a couple of private messages
  4. Wild remains our most valuable asset. He will get poached in the next 12 months or so and we will probably go backwards at that point.
  5. R.I.P Deano, cripplingly sad news
  6. Did he ever return under a different name?
  7. Free beer is going to attract a lot of people...... Re the board, lets not pretend that this is a hotbed of debate. It's never been that and never will be. The matchday threads have become sillier and sillier this season as some fans move from meltdown and joy over 90 minutes and still somehow offer a gloating 'told you so' at the end, without the slightest clue of how ridiculous it comes across. Often the judgements of players, mangers, directors, fans, commercial activity, performances etc. lack intelligence, information, insight, humility or respect. It's not banter, it's no
  8. Interesting insight Lewis from some people who know both about the game and about the player, it's a rare treat. It is a gamble but that's often the case out our level. Our manager is astute and has brought together a very capable squad so far, so I trust him.
  9. I suppose the closest we have got is cricket. Four day games, not many spectators and people go to drink beer. They also have that franchise idea emerging in The Hundred, which it seems nobody is welcoming. I do hope it fizzles out and the integrity of the sport remains.
  10. No you are right, born west brom but supports Wolves
  11. Am trying to picture how you would justify to Miss World the fact that you want the football on.
  12. Their coverage of us is just shocking, other non league clubs seem to get a much better deal from their locals. I used to report on Kiddy for sunday papers and a early internet network, it was at the time of Jan Molby. My lasting memory was seeing Robert Plant stood on his own watching a home game against Hull. I think he is a baggie? Liked that he could be arsed to watch a bit of lower league shite, must a proper football fan.
  13. If only it was 1%, racism is baked into our society, as it is in every other society. As humans we are programmed to recognise differences, where we have a choice is what we do with that recognition. We have a government who have racist undertones, which is dangerous. We have racists on this board. We tolerate them and we tolerate racism in other parts of our lives. Standing by is dangerous. Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all, this idea has value but in isolation is of course no solution. It will take years and years and years....doesnt mean we shouldnt act
  14. Raised about a hundred quid for the shirts. Massive thanks to those who bought them. Was looking for a local charity to donate to, any suggestions from this forum?
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