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  1. Seems obvious to me - we may have another player lined up for that position, but if that falls through, we have someone else that we have taken a good look at and can sign instead. We also have someone to play that position during friendlies until our preferred target signs.
  2. Favourite to win having coupled up with Flea first episode, but ultimately evicted thanks to an obsessive voter by the name of Erik Everhard.
  3. Going back into the team doesn’t necessarily mean paying fees for people. It might mean Wild can sign more players than planned, offer more higher wage contracts, have more room left in the budget for loans during the season, or any combination of the above.
  4. We are not the only club to use undisclosed fees when buying/selling. Perhaps if the world’s journalists were interested in investigating, the fee for Byrne and Hyde would also be made public.
  5. greg45

    New Kit

    It’s good, but it’s not right.
  6. greg45

    Man City

    Just about saved his bacon with the taxman I understand.
  7. Everyone’s highlights look good, by definition. It’s the difference between his highlights and his lowlights that will affect how our season goes!
  8. You have to laugh when Mullin says he’s gone to Wrexham because he was impressed with their ambition. He’s dropped down two leagues ffs! Just tell it like it is man, people would respect you more.
  9. greg45

    Man City

    I wouldn’t mind the chance to try 😄
  10. Either I don’t know U2’s back catalogue, or that one went right over your head 😆
  11. What have U2 got to do with it?
  12. greg45

    The Future

    Yes, surely you know by now from reading this messageboard that being qualified to run a business in the ‘normal’ world doesn’t remotely qualify you to run a football club?
  13. I am fully aware of how contracts work, given a large portion of my day job involves understanding them, interpreting them, and advising clients on them. I am perfectly capable of understanding that two parties can agree a settlement. My point was why the chuff would Stenson agree to settle for any less than the amount he stands to be paid should he see out his contract? The only scenario in which this would ever be likely to work for him is if he intends to quit football and take up another job. Because if he intends to carry on playing, then he isn’t going to be able to sign for any other club until he recovers from injury.
  14. And why in the good Lord’s name would Stenson accept a payoff less than the value of his contract? Let’s play this one out shall we: DB - so we’ve noticed you’re going to be out injured a lot - we’d like to release you rather than keep you at the club. Stenson - okay, I have £50k left on my contract, I’ll take that then please. DB - I was thinking we’d pay you £30k instead? Stenson - but I can just see out my contract and get £50k? DB - yes, you can do that. OR you can take £20k less, to then not be able to get another contract, because you’re injured. Stenson - yeah, I’ll see out my contract thanks.
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