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  1. We could utilise Green again. Impressive when he played up front last time
  2. Always a sad day when the mind says yes but the body says no. Mr Danns better a has been than a never been.
  3. Isn’t that Kevin Johnson to the extreme left.
  4. Sweet Sweet memories. Our Greatest Cup moment in my lifetime. George Kirby was right....don’t think we ever got the credit his players deserved.
  5. Yeah well done the Ref....she can certainly come again 😀
  6. Solid performance aside from one suicidal pass
  7. No looks like the streams got measels
  8. Poor Hyde. First his back, now his hamstring. They can sometimes be related injuries. Can’t rush back with these type of injuries.
  9. Covid in the Eastleigh camp. That leaves Aldershot on Tuesday....then a rest till Boxing Day isn’t it
  10. Apart from the slight shake, a throughly professional performance, with precision procession and great finishing. Take a bow all of the team.
  11. Great half. Summerfield running the show. I’d get the cheque book out for Bell while Stockport are winning. He’s a big strong lad and good on the ball.
  12. One short on the bench, why hasn’t Hyde taken up that place. Injury or fall out perhaps . He’ll come good when the balls been played to him in the box....but up to press his control has been incredibly shite.
  13. Who said these players were better than last seasons. Up to press they are below the required standard. Poor decisions, poor passing, poor basic skills. We never truely dominated like teams at home are expected to do. Appreciate a change of tactics might help.
  14. Goalie excluded.....Simply lacking in every department. Changes required soon
  15. Missed the first goal and the subsequent first 15 minutes on Tuesday. Kept cutting out. Wonder it could have been a large number of County fans tuning in that caused the problem. The Daleks then invaded, but after that it was fine. Got to do our bit to support the club, so I’ll be streaming again tomorrow
  16. Allen’s effort rewarded with a goal. Individually and as a team we were well short of the required standard. Desperately needing what I suppose folk call a number 10 now. I call them An attacking midfielder who runs and creates against opposing defenders.
  17. Last line of defence for that marvellous Liverpool side. RIP Ray you were great.
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